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"O the legend they say, on a Valentine's Day, is a curse that'll live on and on.. and no-one would know, as the years come and go, of the horror, from long time ago.."
Feb 14 2018 1:42 PM
  • ValkerieSilk's Photo
    ...Twenty years came and went, and everyone spent,
    the fourteenth, in quiet regret.
    And those still alive, know the secret survives,
    in the darkness, that looms in the night.
    Feb 14 2018 9:15 PM
  • retrorussell's Photo
    Excellent VS! I wish to do this for karaoke someday..
    Feb 15 2018 2:03 AM
  • GoldLeader's Photo
    Although one could almost sing it to The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald...
    Feb 15 2018 3:51 AM