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Nathan Strum

Skeleton: because somebody thought face-first Luge would be a good idea.
Feb 14 2018 4:40 AM
  • Thomas Jentzsch's Photo
    Thomas Jentzsch
    And the same rule for e.g. ski-jumping, alpine skiing, skating, cross-country, biathlon, curling etc. pp., right?

    In South Korea we now would have only short track and speed skating.
    Feb 15 2018 1:17 AM
  • carlsson's Photo
    Valid points. In South Korea they have reused golf courses for cross-country skiing and biathlon. Indoor arenas in theory are easier to reuse, though Sochi still has a surplus skating rink waiting to get disassembled and moved elsewhere. Mountains probably are very expensive to build, so the Netherlands doesn't need to apply unless they co-host with a neighbouring country.
    Feb 15 2018 1:38 AM
  • Thomas Jentzsch's Photo
    Thomas Jentzsch
    IMO the IOC should define 3 to 5 Olympic cities and alternate between them. But due to hefty corruption benefits for the IOC members this will never happen.
    Feb 15 2018 2:06 AM