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Nathan Strum

I shouldn't have mocked Apple in my status update the other day... just a few hours after I did, my iMac died. I'm flattered they apparently read my profile feed... but that's just mean-spirited.
Jan 31 2019 6:53 PM
  • Flojomojo's Photo
    Just take off the lid and swap out the broken parts!

    oh wait
    Feb 1 2019 7:43 AM
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    Nathan Strum
    At the moment, it's working again. Maybe because I spent money at the Apple store last night on a couple of new hard drives, and I appeased their wrath.
    Feb 1 2019 11:34 AM
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    Nathan Strum
    Spoke too soon. Still randomly shutting down. Now I have to figure out if I want to pay money to fix a seven-year-old iMac, or pay money to buy a "brand-new" one that hasn't been updated in two years.
    Feb 1 2019 1:45 PM