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Nathan Strum

I'm beginning to understand all of the Apple hatred that's out there... my new Mac Mini is effectively DOA. It won't stop kernel panicking, despite doing multiple clean-reinstalls of the OS (multiple, because it would fail to complete some of them). It could be the third-party RAM I installed, but the alternative was paying an extra $300 in Apple RAM Extortion Fees™. So now I get the joy of opening the thing back up, and reinstalling the stock 8GB.
Feb 17 2019 1:43 AM
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    Nathan Strum
    Carlsson - I still have to put the stock ones back in. If the Mac itself is bad, it will crash right away. If the third-party RAM was bad, it will run fine. The problem is, the RAM is non-trivial to replace, and the oddball Torx bit I need is at work. I don't feel like going in to get it during my weekend off.

    MrMaddog - I've replaced RAM in hundreds of Macs over 30 years. It's part of my job. That's why this is so frustrating.
    Feb 17 2019 3:02 PM
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    Two possibilities: the RAM is bad (possible) or it's not the rated speed (also possible). The Mac Mini is expecting DDR4-2666, not the slower and more common DDR4-2400. If you got exactly the right spec I'd just get the seller to swap it out. I always buy on Amazon from Amazon direct for stuff like this, because it's super easy to have them ship you replacements immediately if you're a Prime member.
    Feb 17 2019 8:26 PM
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    Nathan Strum
    It read as the correct speed on the Mac (when it ran), and I've never gotten the wrong product from DMS. If the RAM is bad, they have a lifetime warranty on it.
    Feb 18 2019 12:34 AM