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I feel kinda sorry for these on site meteorlogists reporting for the news networks -- standing there trying to stay upright with their clothes almost being blown off. They should sell banner advertising that attaches to the side of their outfit where the wind can unfurl it. Like those planes that fly over head dragging a banner. Stay safe if you're in the path of the storm.
Sep 14 2018 1:06 PM
  • zylon's Photo
    I really shouldn't be seeing an Atlanta newscrew out there. We lose enough newscrews on our own.
    Sep 14 2018 4:10 PM
  • 82-T/A's Photo
    In Florida, one of them said... "I should get a raise!!!" and we never saw him again after that...
    Sep 14 2018 4:28 PM
  • jd_1138's Photo
    His station manager replied: 'you just had a raise. your feet came off the ground due to the 160 mph winds!'
    Sep 14 2018 6:43 PM