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I was watching a 3 Stooges episode from the 1940's -- one of the later ones. They are hitchhiking alongside a nice modern concrete road, and a 1940's Buick or Oldsmobile splatters water from a puddle onto them. Curly says "modern people these days are so rude. I long for the old days!" People from all eras long for the "old days" -- the theoretically better old days. Swap the 1940's car for a new Toyota Camry, and it'd be the same situation today. And the...
Apr 22 2019 7:51 AM
  • jd_1138's Photo
    simbalion, yep the road they are on is very nice looking with thick crisp curbs, nice sidewalks (perfectly even), and the grass looks nice. It was in front of some sort of park that was probably paved over in the 1970's for cheap apartments.
    Apr 22 2019 2:31 PM
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    IIRC, the 1961 Twilight Zone "Once Upon a Time", starring Buster Keaton, deals with idyllic views of both the past and future.
    Apr 22 2019 5:49 PM
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    I've got to find that TZ ep...my kid is into that show now so the timing is right and I might actually get to see it.

    Pessimist's Archive is full of these "good old days" things, very much fun:
    Apr 22 2019 5:52 PM