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So I backed the Brawler 64 gamepad, it was delivered, but they found an issue with the left shoulder trigger. They were supposed to send me a replacement part...I just got a whole new controller. Don't think I was charged again, or at least can't see one. Anyone else?
Sep 14 2018 5:09 PM
  • travistouchdown's Photo
    Haven't tried mine yet. What's the issue?
    Sep 14 2018 8:45 PM
  • GoldenWheels's Photo
    If you move the analog stick to the upper left AND use the left shoulder button (not sure which one) I guess they can lock up and/or one can prevent the other from working. I had to read about it to realize it, and mine doesn't lock up but the trigger does seem to block travel of my stick a bit, though it still activate anyway.
    Sep 15 2018 1:57 PM