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Damn ... we just had a major accident happen right in front of our driveway. We live on a winding, isolated road, and apparently the driver of a Dodge pickup was going too fast without wearing a seatbelt. She lost control and the truck flipped end-over-end before landing upside-down in a ditch by the road. The driver was thrown out the back window. She didn't survive.
Mar 20 2017 7:08 PM
  • carlsson's Photo
    Would it help if there was a sign warning about a dangerous curve, or do people take that as a challenge?
    Mar 21 2017 1:59 AM
  • BillyHW's Photo
    Maybe a "High Accident Area" sign would be good.
    Mar 21 2017 2:07 AM
  • jaybird3rd's Photo
    Well, now that we've had a fatality, maybe the town will finally put up some signs. Warnings against speeding should be a minimum.
    Mar 21 2017 6:34 AM