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Well the local Macy's is closing...was the anchor store in the downtown mall. Retail is just having a rough go of it lately! I wonder how it will be re-invented in the next 5-15 years...
Jan 3 2018 3:27 PM
  • GoldLeader's Photo
    Myself I try to shop brick + Mortar where possible, but I can remember things like Radio Shack where they wanted $38 for a an SD Memory Card...I got 6 from China cheaper than that! (I mean they weren't even trying to get my business)...
    Jan 3 2018 3:47 PM
  • frankodragon's Photo
    Once the anchor stores go, the mall usually goes under but there are exceptions. Like that really fancy outdoor-ish mall in Florida with very expensive shops.
    Jan 3 2018 5:18 PM
  • jd_1138's Photo
    I went to Petsmart and Pet Supply today to get my dog a winter sweater. Petsmart only had one in her size and it didn't even look like it'd fit and it was pricey. Other place had none. Brick and mortar fails if they don't carry proper inventory. No wonder so many people buy online.
    Jan 3 2018 6:42 PM