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Jess Ragan

Remember when they told you cartridges were the past and optical media was the future? Oh, how times have changed. https://kiblitzing.blogspot.com/2019/02/in-solid-state-of-mind.html
Feb 11 2019 9:40 PM
  • GoldLeader's Photo
    I had this magazine in 1997 (?) saying how all the new stereos in Japan featured MiniDiscs...(It was another Death of the CD scenario)...Strangely my studio uses the data version of MiniDiscs (MD Data Discs)...
    Feb 12 2019 2:31 AM
  • BydoEmpire's Photo
    Optical was the future... in the past; but now that it is the future, optical is the past.
    Feb 12 2019 8:41 AM
  • GoldLeader's Photo
    Well said BydoEmpire!! Had to read it more than once, but well said haha...
    Feb 12 2019 1:07 PM