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there is something i like to share with you folks.
Jun 22 2018 2:29 PM
  • DZ-Jay's Photo
    I don't think you're a little upset or angry. I just think you're weird.
    Jun 23 2018 4:22 AM
  • GoldLeader's Photo
    I hope all is well now!
    Jun 23 2018 11:42 AM
  • Gernot's Photo
    DZ-Jay, your'e 100% right (as usual) i'm weird, i'm widely known for being.
    i have made myself some foes due to that - but even some friends.

    Shawn, "it worthes a piece of shit, but at least it's a little more as nothing".

    Gold Leader (dammit gold leader, greetings from "blue" or it it orange? her dress is orange)
    it's quite well now and the strike is...
    Sep 16 2018 5:05 PM


playing on my inty and having fun in general, drinking beer with my hooligan buddy and watching soccer, smoking tons of green leafy stuff
Mar 16 2018 2:53 PM
  • Gernot's Photo
    a few other classics:
    Coonskin (Ralph Bakshi)
    Heavy Traffic (Bakshi)

    rotoscope animations:
    Fire and Ice (Bakshi)
    Flash Gordon The Greatest Adventure of All (filmation, Lou Scheimer)

    conference of animals (the one from the late 60's the later release by bavaria is rubbish, tard, stupid story which has nothing to do with the book)

    "Soylent Green", cheap movie, great story in a cheap time which isn't far from us.

    Mar 18 2018 2:05 PM
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    "War of Worlds", H.G. Wells, probably best sci-fi i've read, it differs much much from the lame hollywood movie,
    we are the monsters and don't deserve to be saved by mother nature.
    Mar 18 2018 2:09 PM
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    finally the mist starts to disappear.
    with buying of the dell notebook for my mom and what i will buy next month for myself i can start to work on my project again.
    already on the notebook with the built in graphics my pioneer version runs quite good.

    who can imagine what this is will receive a "pioneer" for free (it's free anyway).

    Jun 10 2018 8:16 PM