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Anybody ever read The Goon? (comics/graphic novels) He's like a 30's style mob enforcer fighting zombies, etc. on Lonely Street. They've been talking about a Goon Movie since 2008...I hope it someday happens.
Jan 20 2019 3:03 PM
  • xenomorpher's Photo
    I haven't read it for awhile, but I loved what I read and laughed out loud a bunch. The concept trailer thing with Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti was great and something I wish they'd follow up on.
    Jan 21 2019 12:36 AM
  • GoldLeader's Photo
    Here's the poof of concept, which I thought was similar to the book in many ways..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXXQK7DLcew
    Jan 21 2019 1:04 AM
  • GoldLeader's Photo
    Heh, that should say PROOF haaa...
    Jan 21 2019 3:34 AM