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Woo Hoo! After 30 years .. got me another copy of 2600 Asterix .. for a decent ebay $$, compared to the other stupid prices. Still cringed at the price though. An emotinal buy. Gr8 80's memories smashin' this little 2600 egg!
Jun 14 2018 6:07 AM
  • BassGuitari's Photo
    Asterix, eh? Now that's one you don't hear about often!
    Jun 14 2018 8:46 AM
  • Spriggy's Photo
    Yeh. Go figure. They deemed that Taz was not so relevant in Europe .. so went with Asterix? Pal .. Hence ended up down here. I remember liking the Asterix & Obelix books .. but the Tazy Devil seemed more relevant. Hindsight :) Either way ... Childhood memories!
    Jun 14 2018 9:00 AM
  • Spriggy's Photo
    Down here meaning Oz.
    Jun 14 2018 9:03 AM