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Bought this to help organize my office and game room. Every controller, cable, and AC adapter has one of these now. I feel accomplished. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001E1Y5O6
Jan 10 2019 9:11 PM
  • GoldLeader's Photo
    Rick rolled again! (Joke) Yeah I have a bunch of the different colored ones, ...I do like ot keep things a little bit organized anyway haha...
    Jan 11 2019 3:55 AM
  • newtmonkey's Photo
    Same, some of the best/cheapest things you can get to keep things neat. :)
    Jan 11 2019 5:41 AM
  • derFunkenstein's Photo
    @HoshiChiri I considered that, but these have the holes cut in one end so you can permanently affix it to the target cable, and I figured it was worth a couple extra bucks.
    Jan 11 2019 7:14 AM