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...I found Final Fantasy NES in the wild at an old Pawn Shop for three dollars. Label not in good condition. Was rattling inside. Found out rattle was the plastic prongs that hold the board in place. A little super glue fixed that and bam, working great.
Mar 11 2018 3:37 PM
  • save2600's Photo
    ^ Lol! Oh boy... here come the "classic" memories. FF for NES is considered "rare" now? 1992 was probably the last time I had a copy or cared. lol
    Mar 11 2018 4:59 PM
  • masschamber's Photo
    Good good .though at first I read it as final fight nes and was thinking awe yeah
    Mar 11 2018 5:01 PM
  • RockyRaccoon's Photo
    @save2600: I'd say it's rare to find it 'in the wild' for sub 20 bucks, yeah.
    Mar 11 2018 5:56 PM