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Just tried looking up vintage computer stuff on my area Craigslist. I am not kidding, it is virtually all want ads from eBay scalpers looking for the stuff! Well, except one $450 TRS-80 model III.
Jan 12 2018 6:50 PM
  • RockyRaccoon's Photo
    Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt! SUPER RARE! MARIO! NINTENDO! 350 dollars. >:I
    Jan 12 2018 7:13 PM
  • adam242's Photo
    Wish I still had my TRS-80 III that I bought at en electronics swap meet for ten bucks 25 years ago...
    Jan 12 2018 7:17 PM
  • simbalion's Photo
    I wish I still had my Apple ][ that I got for $5 at the Wooster, OH Goodwill 18 years ago. Good luck trying to get one now! I'm lucky I finally got a ][ plus back again.
    Jan 13 2018 10:36 AM