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Looks like our local FYE is closing down for good. Glad I went today to get the Greta Van Fleet album and also scored the original Transformers Soundtrack on vinyl. Not the new movies, the 80's series!
Nov 8 2018 12:14 PM
  • VectorGamer's Photo
    I heard the new Greta Van Fleet sucks. Please review
    Nov 8 2018 4:33 PM
  • The Mr. Video's Photo
    The Mr. Video
    I remember when my local mall had an FYE. Never really bought anything there, but I did stop by and look around whenever I got the chance.
    Nov 8 2018 4:40 PM
  • simbalion's Photo
    I think Greta Van Fleet is fine and I like them well enough. Have to remember they are young and really just getting started on their musical journey.
    Nov 8 2018 8:02 PM