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Dungeon (2600 Release Candidate)

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Posted Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:47 AM

You are the only person I've heard of who has had issues with a 7800.  I know it's worked for others.  Anybody else had 7800 issues?  Regardless, it's a 2600 game.  Can't promise compatibility.


You've played it with both difficulty switches set to A, right?


There will not be a 7800 version.  At least not by me.


He wrote the guide based on his observations, not all of which are completely accurate.... ;)


Excellent - thanks for the responses.


I double checked gameplay on my 7800.  I can get through the lvl 3 open door the first time I go through it.  If I die and reset then every time I try to go through the door, the game sends me back to the title.  I also got sent back by the faerie and the same thing happened.  Perhaps a value gets stored in memory to record the door is open or something and the 7800 doesn't like it.


I was able to beat the game on BB & AA during my first play session.  The dragon was in the same place both times and I froze the demon and pounded on him.  That prompted me to call the game too easy which I think it is.  Reading this thread reveals that you may have had the same suspicion during development.  Its an excellent game regardless but seems like a missed opportunity to add a harder game variation.


Thanks for the inside info on the guide :)


UPDATE - I tested RC4 (from this thread) on my 7800 with the Harmony cart and it worked fine.  I'm going to contact Al and see if he will replace the cart I bought from AA as it might be defective somehow.  It is also now giving me problems on a 2600.

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Posted Thu May 1, 2014 8:35 PM

I've only played it on the 7800 and it works for me. I do think we need another dungeon game of some kind.

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Posted Fri May 2, 2014 11:54 AM

I got the cart replaced and Al upgraded it to a Melody board.  I've had no problems since.

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