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EotB potential buyer list.

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#1 EricDeLee OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Feb 1, 2009 3:33 PM


Eye of The Beholder Lynx carts....

Here's the deal. I do not own this, I am asking for a serious list of buyers. I'm not asking for a deposit, or anything silly like that. What I am asking is for honest opinions and Eventually what I would like to do is have a LIST of potential buyers to show that the market is there to produce a limited run of EotB. So this is like a market survey, so-to-speak, to basically either prove that a list of people out there want this cart. Or it will be the opposite: I will learn that perhaps there just is not enough interest to support a release of this game.

So, just like we do in the other forums with Atari 2600 carts and hacks and prototype repros... I'm asking for you to let me know here if you would buy this game. Through the years, EotB has been talked about, and everyone is hoping it will get released. There are a few protos out there along with a few 'copies' that a few lucky personnel were able to obtain. Now I am trying to reach out and see what the market really will do for this game. Yes, the economy still sucks, and perhaps it is bad timing for a game like this. But it is still something that would be a year out before they could be mailed out (or at least that is my opinion). At this time, please just post if you would like to buy one, and if you do have opinions on the price, please be kind to post the opinions but let's try not to flame the topic too much. Is this a pipe dream? Possibly. NO. THE FULL INTENTION HERE IS TO GET THIS GAME RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC. However, if the slot of 60 games could get filled, and the list is solid, I think this could happen. I know what my stance is out there on this game. I've mentioned multiple times I would like to see it. Relief Pitcher is another one I would love to see, but obviously a few people have issues plopping down the cash for a sports title. I think EotB is in a different category. It is an RPG, it is an elite title that people would like to see. I think the market is out there for this title, but I would like this thread to prove that. So please take the time, sign up for which version of cart you'd be interested in, and make some comments. Keep in mind this thread could be the tell-all when it comes to if we will see this game or not. There are people watching this to determine if it is worth pursuing this at all.

Lets get the dust blown off this proto and get it out there for the market! :)

Here's the plan:

It has been talked about, and I think a run of 60 carts will be doable. This is something that has been discussed before, but we need a buyer list now. With the extent of this game's elusiveness, a 60 cart run would be really nice. Those that want a copy of this game, the collectors and the fans, this will be the first chance for most of us. So here's what the proposed idea is:

60 cart run.

40 carts are copies of Eye of the Beholder. Plain ol' carts, no flash, no extras, no box, etc. Just a plain copy of a working EotB Lynx game with save capability.

20 carts: Eye of The Beholder Extreme Limited Edition.
This run of 10 games will have multiple extras, and will come at a higher price. This will be the Lynx's premiere run of games. Think of this set as the CGE release that is really expensive to get now. Being that there are only 10 copies of this version of the game, it would have the best collecting value of all released Atari Lynx games.
What I was thinking about on this version, is something like some other limited releases that hit the market in the past years (Was it QB for Atari 2600 that came in a wooden box or something). Think along the lines of the Thrust edition that came boxed with the footpedal, stickers, and other stuff.
I think these 10 games could be the same type of carts as the other 40. However, I believe they should have a limited (ie different) label on the cart. Obviously they need to be numbered as well. I believe those that release it should sign it as well. Kind of a nice unique touch. The Extreme Limited Edition should also have a very high quality box, manual, some type of case to protect the game in, etc. Perhaps even a poster like the other Lynx games have. the price would be much more, however, to a collector, I think these would sellout first (and very quickly).

Price: This is generally the sticky point for most people. Especially with the economy. However... keep in mind a few things:
1. The going rate right now for all new releases: $49.99 (There isn't a lot of profit margin there either)
2. You will have a year or so to start saving up.
3. This is probably the most desired game for the Lynx. Period.
4. It will be the most costly game to reproduce.
5. This run is very limited and has not been offered before. Obviously who knows if it will be offered again.
6. The price to reproduce these carts will be more expensive (for example: The costs for the chips, the 512k board, etc)

That being said:
Price for the 40 cart run of a plain cart: $100
Price for the Extreme Limited Edition cart run of only 10 carts: $200

So... with all of that... let's start off the list. Given that you have over a year to prepare... and to pay... what do you say? Which version are you interested in?

40 Cart run buyer list
1. Eric DeLee
2. dantheratman
3. ls650
4. atarian63
5. remowilliams
6. rygar
7. 4ever2600
8. hellfire -Digital Press
9. vintagegamecrazy--Digital Press
10. Isogoed
11. Shawn Jefferson
12. chris_lynx1989
13. Mendon
14. streps
15. jaguar_fan
16. TrekMD
17. T (Digital Press)
18. Wraith Storm
19. pixeljunkie
20. chiba3010
21. BuddyBuddies
22. ATM55-DigitPress
23 matashen
24 108 Stars
25 SwedenLynxer
26 DarkLord
27 Godzilla
29 Sirclisto (Ozyr's Friend)
30 Ozyr
31 ninermaniac
32 Ninjabba
33 Hurricane
34 ECWfan
35 Defender II
36 Nimtene
37 Lynxman
38 Justin42
39 Serblander
40 Tom-Lynx

20 Cart Extreme Limited Edition buyer list:
1 Eric DeLee
2 dantheratman
3 Sauron
4 shadow460
5 gambler172
6 STGuy1040
7 Lord Thag
8 rygar
9 tonyvortex--Digital Press
10 nonner242
11 Marc Oberhäuser
12 chris_lynx1989
13 Atari_Falcon
14 im_reg
15 TrekMD
16 Atari Smeghead
17 ianoid
18 coreycorey2000
19 the.golden.ax
20 swlovinist--DigitPress * NOTE Original slot was reserved for me. I don't need two, so will give that up.

Post what you want. I'll edit the list, and we can keep all discussion here. I'll post this over at Digit Press later on. Spread the word if you want. I have a feeling there is a desire for this game, and I believe people will support this title.

1. how complete is the proto?
2. Yeah... My question as well.
Does it have music and sound FX? Is the portion of the game that is there fairly polished?

The proto that will be cloned is quoted as being 100% complete. No bugs, nor graphical bugs/glitches in gameplay, or controls. Runs very smoothly. Better than most Atari/Telegames games that were released late or released as reproductions. EotB has music and more.

3. What about a manual for the Regular Edition?
This could be a possibility.

4. Why are you charging so much???
This is a general question that has been addressed by a few people that are simply wanting to flame this topic. I've heard multiple things... I've even heard a claim out there that I was going to make everyone pay for their carts, then buy the proto, and then make the carts for everyone so that I can own the proto of EotB.
In a very matter-of-fact way, I want to say: That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

My intentions with this release are to get this cart out there to the public. It has stayed in a closet or collection for too long without it being released. The Lynx community needs to have a great game released within this next year (and there are actually quite a few great games coming-lynxopoly, and the multicart are just a few examples).
I've heard a lot of blubber about me wanting to release this and creating a so called "special Edition cart" in order to control the market... or to just create a certain rarity for a cart. That really isn't my intention. I don't care if the regular release gets a rarity of 7 and the other release gets a 9. It doesn't really matter to me. What matters is that people finally get to explore the sewers of WaterDeep, exchange information with each other about what spells work better on what enemies, which characters are better to start with, etc. There is a lot about this game I want to discuss with people.
I've never made a YOUTUBE video before, but I may attempt it so that I can show the game running.

NOTE: This plan was thrown together at the beginning without a lot of though placed behind it. The prices were prices that were in place according to estimates I recieved from someone else. I don't think the prices are going to stick. Consider these the worst case scenario. I want them to be release cheaper, and I believe we have the means of doing so. So... please understand that there will be changes from time to time. It is possible that the limited edition will go away. Then again, it may not. Those signed up may get individually numbered carts, and extras at the same price: All for just signing up for the LE version.

Please keep in mind that changes may happen. Thank you!

I'll post a link to my blog sometime soon when I start my EOTB entries...


RESERVE slots for the 60 carts have been filled.
Will it increase? It is possible. I would have to check with PCB prices and stuff.
There will not be any other increases to the Limited Edition carts.

If you want to be placed in the reserves, please add your name or send me a PM. If people drop out, you will fill their spots. If the list gets expanded, you will be added!

Thank you all

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#2 dantheratman OFFLINE  


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Posted Sun Feb 1, 2009 4:29 PM

I would buy one of each :cool:

#3 ls650 OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Feb 1, 2009 4:32 PM

How playable is EOTB?

#4 EricDeLee OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Feb 1, 2009 6:23 PM

If all is a go... this is the fully playable version.
Not the demo screenshot thing that is out there. The full fledged game with save capabilities, etc.

The real deal to sum it up!

I'll update the list later on (tomorrow hopefully).
For some reason it doesn't look like I can update the original post.

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#5 Albert OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Feb 1, 2009 7:01 PM

Eric--I've made it so you can edit the first post in the thread.


#6 Sauron OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Feb 1, 2009 7:09 PM

Count me in for the limited!

#7 EricDeLee OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Feb 1, 2009 7:59 PM

Eric--I've made it so you can edit the first post in the thread.


Thanks Al!

#8 shadow460 OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Feb 1, 2009 8:15 PM

Hmmm, a year to save up? OK, I'll take the limited. $200 seems a bit steep, but as long as it doesn't go over that, I'll take it.

#9 atarian63 OFFLINE  


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Posted Sun Feb 1, 2009 8:38 PM

I'll take one of the regular ones.

#10 EricDeLee OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Feb 1, 2009 8:53 PM

Please keep in mind... this is a climate survey to show the market for this cart is here. The prices may vary. I think the $100 cart price is FIRM. The $200 price tag for the Limited Edition could be lower. Not really sure. This is just a general guideline and this is a list to show that the product is something the Lynx community will support.

If all goes right, this list will be the one honored for the pre-sales. :)
We get the 50 to sign-up, I don't believe it will be a pipe-dream... it should become a reality

#11 gambler172 OFFLINE  


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Posted Sun Feb 1, 2009 9:21 PM

I want a limited.
greetings Walter

#12 remowilliams OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Feb 1, 2009 10:13 PM

Absolutely for the regular edition, possibly switching to a limited depending on the details.

#13 STGuy1040 OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Feb 1, 2009 10:41 PM

I gave it some thought... and I'll take one Limited Edition please.

#14 Lord Thag OFFLINE  

Lord Thag

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Posted Sun Feb 1, 2009 11:33 PM

I'll most definately take one! Either is fine, though I'll take a limited one if I can.

#15 rygar OFFLINE  


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Posted Mon Feb 2, 2009 12:54 AM

I would buy one of each. The price is not a problème.

#16 4ever2600 OFFLINE  



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Posted Mon Feb 2, 2009 1:00 AM

Please put me down for one of the $100.00 ones... Thanks!

#17 nonner242 OFFLINE  


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Posted Mon Feb 2, 2009 2:17 AM

Limited for me please...tho I dont really think it will be as high as $200

#18 Isgoed OFFLINE  



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Posted Mon Feb 2, 2009 12:46 PM

If this game is really 100% finished, then put me down for a regular one.

I understand that the regular release will not have any extra's, but a manual is a must, IMO.

#19 Battlezone OFFLINE  



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Posted Mon Feb 2, 2009 1:05 PM

I'd like to buy a complete version of Centipede. I love this game and I hate the version with one blue level without sound. it's an Atari calssic, I can't believe there are coversions for all the systems of the world and Atari Lynx hasn't it.
Sorry for the out of topic.

#20 Emehr OFFLINE  


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Posted Mon Feb 2, 2009 1:48 PM

I'd definitely consider it if the price hovered around $50. A hundred clams is a little rich for my blood. I realize it's an unreleased game (I remember seeing it mentioned in the Lynx section of EGM back in the day) but it's also a game I once owned on the SNES...and I hated it! lol. My main beefs with it were the lack of auto-mapping (the SegaCD version had this, I believe) and the absolutely, positively stupid level designs that were meant only to turn the player around and get him (or her) lost (anyone who's played this should know what I'm talking about). I wasted way too much of my time mapping the game out on graph paper to endure it again so I ask: Does this game have auto mapping?

I love my Lynx and the games I have for it. I've been a fan since '91. When it comes down to it, however, I just can't justify dropping a hundred dollars on a game I just don't care for. Fifty, maybe. A hundred? Nah.

#21 Shawn Jefferson OFFLINE  

Shawn Jefferson


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Posted Mon Feb 2, 2009 9:18 PM

I'd be interested in one of the regular ones, if it is ever released.

#22 chris_lynx1989 OFFLINE  



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Posted Tue Feb 3, 2009 1:28 AM

I'd probably go for one of each of this too.A manual on CD,3.5" Diskette or in print might be cool.I thought,the Lynx version was like the SNES one and didn't support the auto mapping.Am I wrong?Sounds neat,who's doing these anyway?

#23 Mendon OFFLINE  


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Posted Tue Feb 3, 2009 4:05 AM

Put me down for one of the regular release cartridges, but only if payment can be remitted via money order since I don't use PayPal.

Thank You.


#24 im_reg OFFLINE  



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Posted Tue Feb 3, 2009 4:13 AM

Limited Edition (the extra 10) if they go ahead. If not then a regular please.

#25 Atari_Falcon OFFLINE  



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Posted Tue Feb 3, 2009 4:15 AM

Add me for one special edition cartridge (number 13 if possible *g*)...

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