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ColecoVision e-z joystick

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Posted Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:52 AM


My friend Todd has this project about doing joystick "balls" to replace the original CV joystick knobs. He shown me the project files and it all looks very professional, and he plans to use top-notch materials. He just need some financial help to have things manufactured (he needs a few people to commit to buy 10 sets of those balls). If you interested perhaps you can contact him (AA user Yurkie). Here is the link for his original post:


A project worth checking IMHO.

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Posted Thu Oct 29, 2009 7:50 AM

Thanks opcode for your post.

I need investors for this project. It is basically a remake of the E-Z Joystick by mail order company G.A.M.E.S from the 80's

From my experience and from talking to a few people this is a very rare item.

All one has to do is take the metal disc off,removed the screw,removed the disc top, put my replacement ball on and then drop the screw down through the hole in the top and tighten.

You then have a ColecoVision controller that is much more like an arcade control.

I am a machinist and my ball will be machined out of 1" black Delrin rod stock. My very best quote for a machine shop here in ohio was $3.99 each. I have a written quote. This is the out the door piece per each.

Due to a lack of interest when I initially posted, I decided to ask 18 or more people to put up $100 in exchange for 10 sets shipped. Any one that wants to put up more than this is welcome to but $100 is the minimum, for example $120 for 12, $310 for 31

If I reach the goal of $1800 for 180 sets or more this becomes reality. I have everything in place and the shop is just waiting for me to give them the go ahead. I was told 2 to 3 weeks to have them made from the time the order is placed. I will then go to the shop inspect every single one of these personnly to make sure they are correct. I will then that day or the next day box and ship all set to my investors. They will ship USPS Priority with insurance and delivery confirmation. I am only going to be making a total profit of about $250 for my efforts, but I want classic game fans to have these.

Unlike almost every other homebrew item people have made, I WANT people to re-sell these for a profit. You may sell these for ANY PRICE , ANYWHERE you see fit with my blessing. I strongly feel that although there is not much of a demand all 180 of these sets could be re-sold for $20 a set once you have the item in hand.

I am gong to give this a little more time to see how it goes. I currently have 2 people that are willing to invest for 10 sets each.

I am not going to ask anyone for a penny unless I get a the amount of investors to reach my goal of $1800 or more. If your SERIOUS and want to get in on this send me an IM or an email to yurkie@live.com

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Posted Thu Oct 29, 2009 7:54 AM

Here is a link to my thread with pics and more information.


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