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Lots of Classic Console Gear FST

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Posted Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:28 PM

I will be putting most of my personal home console collection up for sale/trade this week. I am pulling together a list of my gear and will post it here first, then on the main Marketplace forum after that. I may wait until this Friday to post outside of this forumm to give anyone who comes to my swap meet/gaming party first crack. PM if you need my address and phone number BTW. Hope to see some of you there.

In the interim, here is a quick list of some of the stuff I will be offloading.

Virtual Boy and 5 games
Sega Genesis I/Sega CD/32x combo with 12 32x, 8 - 10 Sega CD games and several dozen loose Genesis carts
Sega Saturn & 6 - 10 games
Intellivision with voice modulator plus about 2 dozen games
Intellivision II
Sears Arcade II
Various versions of the 2600 including one heavy sixer, a Sears six-switch and a vader model.
Several pong variants
A working Vectrex plus 5 games
Odysee II plus a dozen games or so
Atari 800 Computer with tape drive
Sega Genesis I with Master System Adapter
Sega Game Gear w/ about 20 games, magnifying viewer and carrying case
Various Sbox, PS2 and 360 games
Atari 7800
Two-port Atari 5200
Power-modded 4-switch Atari 5200 with a 2600 adapter (boxed, has some issues with 5200 carts- plays 2600 games fine)
N64 plus about 20 games

There is some more gear that will be added to this list. I also have a Nintendo Playchoice 10 cab with 14 games, including a few rares that I am selling for $600 and at least one project JAMMA coin-op cab that I would be willing to let go for $50 if anyone is looking to branch out. Check back here for a full list as this week goes on and I am able to compile everything.

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