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Legions of the Undead

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Posted Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:59 AM

Without getting into the whole Rebellion being forced into watching the movies debate again ;-)

Suffice to say i have looked into the working relationship between Whittaker and Rebellion and wow, some bad blood there...and Fox had to pressure Atari to increase cart size,so swings and roundabouts...

The dead bodies on the floors,Predator taunting you and Xenomorphs lurking in the shadows on Jaguar AVP created a fantastic atmosphere.

But the acid blood puddles remaining where you'd dropped the Xeno, took a lot away.

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Posted Tue Sep 18, 2018 6:05 AM

Had quick look through the old interview Rebellion did in Gamestm Retro 151..

They were asked why such a long delay between Jaguar AVP and their next PC title...

The annouced games on the Press Release are never mentioned

They just talk of working on Legions and Skyhammer, Atari cancelling both but Skyhammer eventually making it out.

Then go onto talk about PC Mr Tank.

Developers would rather the lost games remain buried.

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Posted Wed Dec 5, 2018 4:15 PM

Bit more from Rebellion:

It's (Legions ) another product for Atari, so they call the shots as to
format. However, where CF and AvP were uniquely for Atari, LOTU remains
our property, so we get to decide what's in it; Atari own the rights to the Jaguar version of it, and that's the only thing that they do own.
As such, we get to decide, for instance, if it comes out on other
formats, and within a very loose framework (must be a 1st person RPG, as
that's what they bought the rights to -- we couldn't do Super Mario
Nethack, for instance) everything else about the game.

 However, Atari are releasing it on the Jaguar, so it's up to them how
large a cartridge we get, if it comes out on CD, etc.
 Just to set people's minds at rest, we're not going to be cutting the
complexity of the game down -- if we do get 2 meg more space, it'll go on
more graphics, more levels, more sounds, etc; the game beneath it all will remain the same.

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Posted Thu Feb 28, 2019 12:37 PM

Found this, which made reference to improvements made to AVP Engine for Legions:

A few things of note. Andrew told me that the speed had been intentionally
held back a little, though it moves most rapidly when you're controlling the
Alien. With the Marine, it moves around the same speed as Doom but has a much
smoother frame rate. You'll note that the pictures in GP contrast nicely
the pixelization of Doom and AvP; while both will be good, AvP was custom
built for the Jaguar and even then it doesn't utilize the system to its
peak potential. Believe it or not, the texture mapping engine of Legions of
the Undead has been refined over the one in AvP and will supposedly smoke
all competition, including and especially the Ultima Underworld series.
Doom's sole advantage over AvP (as of the last time I spoke with Andrew,
dunno if this changed since he started revising at Atari's request) was
that there were steps and the like in Doom and *not* in AvP. This was a
feature that will certainly be in LOTU and perhaps they've added it in
their most recent revisions of AvP. (I wouldn't count on it, though, or
even wager on it.)

- Jer Horwitz

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