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Season 1 Game 18 *Tron Deadly Discs*

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Posted Tue Mar 22, 2011 4:02 PM

I used to go to the bottom of the screen and pick a corner to tuck into.
That is a fairly safe location. Can't get hit from bellow, and a lot of the angle shots don't seem to reach you.
This is my way of getting past higher level rounds when I fail to time the recognizer correctly.

Other than that spot, I will also use the left and right doors to get the tracking white disc out of commission.
once they shoot at you, you can go back and forth while the disc tracks you, it will become level with the normal blocking position.

I also only try to take out the recognizers from the side. Do you guys do the sides or the top?

I pretty much have the timing down, when it comes out from the lower right. I am okay from the right, but the top down.. I loose a few doors for sure.

I have a ton of hours on this game. I guess it is top 5. Bi-planes, MLB, NFL, NBA, B-17, Bump n Jump, Utopia! Wow, this gets tough.
How do I leave out Burger Time, Auto Racing, Motocross, Astrosmash......... I guess it might be easier to make a never play list! LOL
That would be NHL and Slapshot! Hockey is the game of my youth, it should be a fast game, but I guess, in 1980, Californian's believed you
did play on ice, but in sneakers instead of skates! painful game to play! LOL. Of course they only had the LA Kings as a template! ;)

Oh the corners, I always avoided those, but if you block, that would be a good spot.

I take out recognizers, by left or right side... there's not a lot of time to hit them from the top, and that spider web really moves fast. So, what I do.. is memorize where to stand...
(two steps above the black line (right side of recognizer), and also a half/step below it on the left side)

and toss the disc till it "hits", and I knock out the recognizer about 80% of the time.

Nice games list Utopia, Biplanes, and Burgertime! :thumbsup:

My favs are odd pics, Vectron/Mouse Trap/Tron Deadly Discs/Tron Solar Sailer... etc!

Others I been enjoying,
Sub Hunt/Lady Bug/Mission X/Space Armada/Bowling/Space Spartans/Horse Racing.

My dissapointments,

Dracula/Motocross/Dungeons & Dragons (both)

I tried but I can't get into the D&D games... somethings a bit plain about both. I don't know what it is. Though for the year ('82), they look amazing with rich gameplay.

Motocross, I was hoping for a fast paced bike race. It's more a slow simulator, with choppy screen scrolling, and controls are too sensative to master.

Dracula, the gameplay is just knocking on doors and chasing people in a circle to bite 'em, all houses and people look the same every level. Then u gotta' get back to the graveyard before sunrise. Doesn't matter how fast you play, eventually the sun beats you. It's also silly how you can knock on the first doors house over and over... and not need to walk down the sidewalk (hardly) at all. Controls seem fussy too, hard to manage it.


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Posted Thu Apr 7, 2011 8:55 AM

Thats why I hated Dracula :) :) Nice to hear Im not the only one who hated it...

As for the AD&D titles, never really could sink into Cloudy Mountain (not enough gameplay) but I loved Tarmin, but it does take some more time based and time consuming play to do so (not a game ur going to finish in 5 minutes)

Motorcross I agree, could be soooo good, but its sooooo bad lol

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Posted Thu Apr 7, 2011 5:47 PM

When people complain about Intellivisions controllers or gameplay, that enters my mind while
playing Motocross or Dracula. lol

Controls like a mess.

Microsurgeon does pretty good though with unique gameplay, it responds
decently in that involved Imagic game.

I've not played Tarmin too much, I like it okay... but all the rooms are green, which confuses me, since they all look that way, I lose track of where I went. I like the 3D perspective better then Cloudy M. but the many weapons I haven't memorized much about them. Arrows are easier to figure out lol.

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