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Star Raiders 2600 - RU a fan of this conversion?

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#26 Flojomojo ONLINE  


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Posted Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:00 AM

I wanted to like it as a kid. I really tried, I thought the keypad controller was cool and I liked the "alone in the cold of space" vibe. Maybe it was too "realistic" in that way.

I agree Starmaster is more fun and IMHO better designed.

Solaris, which shares much of Star Raiders' DNA, is amazing even today.

#27 Keatah ONLINE  



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Posted Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:20 AM

Used to play StarMaster and StarRaiders in our tents made out of blankets and cardboard. Cool deep space stuff.

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Posted Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:45 AM

Used to play StarMaster and StarRaiders in our tents made out of blankets and cardboard. Cool deep space stuff.

Yes!  Saving the galaxy in your own private spaceship :)


Just for fun, I played around a bit tonight in Stella and figured out the memory locations for the target count.  I set the game to Skill Level 40 and after starting the game, reset the target count to 1.  I chased the Kylons all the way to the starbase and they never once engaged me.  But oh boy...after they destroyed the starbase...well it wasn't pretty.  That one lone fighter tore me new one.  Thinking it might be luck, I tried again.  Same thing.  The one remaining ship would not engage until after the starbase was destroyed, but then delivered an amazing butt whooping.  


I really want to see someone take on 40 of these ships and win at this level.  Every single torpedo hit either damages or destroys a ship system.  And they sling torpedoes like they just got a discount on them at the dollar store.  It would take an amazing amount of skill and luck to make it through this level.  Unless there's some trick to dodging every shot icon_biggrin.gif


If I get some free time I may try to walk through a disassembly of the ROM and figure out how it decides when enemy ships will appear and how much it models their location.   It definitely seems like they hide.  Also an interesting bit: watching the RAM for a few minutes, it seems a good bit of it's used just for tracking the little background star positions for the star field.

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Posted Yesterday, 7:33 PM

I believe I was expecting something a little like star wars arcade where you could actually aim your cross-hairs during the battles rather than waiting for ships on the radar to enter your screen and just time it for the ship to enter your torpedo shot path. It seemed the joystick had no effect. This appears true with the emulated version as well. I really enjoyed the extra steering control in the 8-bit version. I loved the 8-bit version with the larger map, control options and steering control. I think Atari had begun improving graphics at the expense of play power around that time. Their games got prettier, but with less depth of play.

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Posted Yesterday, 9:54 PM

I played and beat it a lot back in the day  We had the touch pad controller and the overlay that came with it.    atari 8-but and atari 5200 versions look a lot like starmaster.

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Posted Yesterday, 10:14 PM

I don't recall playing Star Raiders much as a kid, or Starmaster (Not sure if I had Starmaster to be honest, but I did have Star Raiders) 

I do remember playing M Networks Space Attack often though, and remember really liking that game. All seem pretty similar, I think I always liked Space Attack because it wasn't so complicated.

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Posted Today, 7:56 AM

I played it quite a bit. The trick was to get the enemy ships into the lower part of the screen right in front of where the shots came out of the guns. They were a lot easier to hit then.

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Posted Today, 3:11 PM

"R U a fan of this conversion?"

Eh...not especially, no. :P

I can see the charm of it, I suppose, but having to connect a keyboard controller to play it is annoying, for one thing. For another, and I'm not normally one to complain about flicker, but the flicker is kinda, pretty, really bad in Star Raiders. And around the same time, Starmaster came out, which outclasses Star Raiders in every way.

I'm being kind of hard on Star Raiders, and admittedly I haven't played it in a long time, but with Starmaster at my disposal, Star Raiders becomes sort of a "why bother?" (Then again, I like Star Ship better than either of them, so what do I know? :P )

Now, the Atari 5200 version...that's teh shiz.

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