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Retrocade Magazine #1 Print Edition Info

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Posted Mon Nov 7, 2011 9:57 AM

This is no obligation to buy, I just need to know how many people would be interested in purchasing the print edition of Retrocade Magazine's premiere issue Winter 2012. Our target price is $8.99 USD plus shipping in the US and abroad for 108 pages of classic gaming goodness. I know there are people that have expressed interest all over the world for a print edition.

If you are interested, please go to the following URL and fill out the Contact Form: http://www.retrocade...com/contact.htm

When pre-orders are open, I will send out a mass email with instructions as well as post to this forum.

We have two previews available:
Preview #1 is available from http://www.retrocademagazine.com/ and it contains a full article along with sample content that you would expect to find in the magazine.

Preview #2 is available for members of the Retrocade Magazine forums exclusively. That preview contains a full article as well and sample content found in the magazine. Forum registration is free and you can link to the forums from the RetrocadeMagazine.com www site.

The digital edition is on sale now.

Here's why you should be reading Retrocade Magazine:

Retrocade Magazine (aka R'cade Mag) is a niche magazine that focuses on what people consider to be truly classic: from the origins of video gaming up until the mid 1980s. We will cover everything from Tennis For Two up to the NES and will be the only classic gaming magazine out today to do so. Why is that special? Because you will not be reading a magazine that is watered down and spread thin through many generations of arcade and console games.

R'cade Mag is the only classic gaming magazine out today that has comprehensive classic gaming live tournament coverage with final scores, photographs and interviews.

R'cade Mag is the only classic gaming magazine today to offer online electronic scoreboards and tournaments for forum members and subsequently publishes all of those scores. All three tournaments on the R'cade Mag forums thus far have been a huge success!

R'cade Mag is the only classic gaming magazine out today that offers free advertising to arcades. As a matter of fact, all the advertising found in the digital edition of R'cade Mag's premiere issue was given away for free!

R'cade Mag is the first magazine to review two hot new home brews: Moon Cresta (7800) & Vector Pilot (Vectrex).

Featured content in the premiere issue
Computer Space
A retrospective on the first coin-op video arcade game by Kevin Armstrong of ComputerSpaceFan.com

Unlocking the Cage On Donkey Kong Junior
Catherine DeSpira investigates the lost Donkey Kong Junior world record set in the early 1980s

The King of 3: George Riley Takes on Junior and the King of All Kongs
An interview with George Riley (aka "homerwannabe"), the best Donkey Kong 3 player on the planet

Out Of the Box
Rudy Ferretti discusses his vision of a paid (yes paid!) electronic athlete with full benefits. A topic that has drawn a heated discussion over various Internet forums, Rudy gets uninterrupted, equal time to explain how it would work.

High Scores Arcade
An interview with Shawn & Meg Livernoche, owners of a classic arcade in Burlington, NJ

The Old Warehouse At TNT Amusements
Photographs of TNT Amusements' former 10,000 sq feet warehouse and commentary for TNT president Todd N Tuckey regarding the arcade business' past and future. Tuckey has been in business for over 30 years.

Tron and Robotron: 30 Years Of Classic Gaming (and Counting)
A review of Jeff Spega's new book and a full chapter excerpt. This is a great book that I finished in two sessions!

Destroying the Rings
My report on setting the new world record on Star Castle (Vectrex) and Twin Galaxies not accepting it.

Moon Cresta
A review of the hot new home brew for the Atari 7800.

Vector Pilot
A review of the hot new home brew for the Vectrex - possibly the greatest title ever released for the Vectrex.

Mario Bros: How the Console Ports Stack Up
R'cade Mag reviews Mario Bros. ported to the Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, ColecoVision and NES. Includes an interview with Collectorvision's J-F Dupuis and a guest review by ColecoVision multi world record holder Tom Duncan.

Over 10 pages of classic console game reviews from home brews to old brews to prototypes.

Atari 2600 vs Intellivision
Comparing the hardware and software between the two consoles.

Comparing the CX-40 and Proline Joysticks

Plus:results of reader surveys, complete Retroboards scores, tournament coverage, arcade scoreboards and more!

#2 ComputerSpaceFan OFFLINE  


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Posted Mon Nov 7, 2011 5:11 PM

I will definitely buy six copies of the first issue and likely the same for the next several issues.
I'm signing up for a subscription as well.

#3 VectrexMad! OFFLINE  


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Posted Mon Nov 7, 2011 6:56 PM

Count me in for a pre-order.

#4 bennybingo OFFLINE  



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Posted Mon Nov 7, 2011 7:00 PM

Count me in! Just tell me where to send the subscription $ and when!!! :thumbsup:

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Posted Mon Nov 7, 2011 10:30 PM

I want one!

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Posted Mon Nov 7, 2011 10:33 PM

I'd be interested if there was a subscription price.

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Posted Mon Nov 7, 2011 10:38 PM

I think I'll get the digital version. Is there a subscription for the digital version? Thanks!

#8 VectorGamer OFFLINE  


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Posted Tue Nov 8, 2011 8:05 AM

OK let me address the question of subscriptions as it has been asked frequently in various forums and the forms that have been submitted to me.

Originally this magazine was to be bi-annual. Then it was to be quarterly. As it is now, we want to remove the handcuffs and have the freedom to release as many issues as we want per year. We just released the digital issue #1, haven't even released the print edition and we already have 50+ pages written for issue #2. And it's quality content - not rushed garbage.

Rest assured, there's enough going on in the realm of classic gaming to easily release 4 issues per year. So, if we want to produce 9 issues in year one, 5 in year two, 7 in year three then that's what we'll do. Nothing is set in stone as yet, but with this it may be easiest to sell in 4 issue blocks. Give me your feedback on that.

I'll check on digital subscriptions. Digital issues are easy to do as you can imagine as there's very little overhead.

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