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Anyone Grab Unit 13 Yesterday?

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Posted Wed Mar 7, 2012 11:22 AM

I looked it over at GameStop yesterday and left with the impression that it was more like Army Of Two than SOCOM or Resistance or Mag.

The problems I have with it are 1.) it is only a 1 player game 2.) it offers no Ad Hoc multiplayer and 3.) is only a 2 player Infrastructure web gamer.

Hell,I like something like Star Wars Battlefront or Resistance where you can jump into an 8 or 16 player Infra. battle!What gives?And on the Vita to boot?? :wacko: :mad:

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Posted Wed Mar 7, 2012 2:34 PM

I didn't buy it but I tried out the demo for a bit. The download must have been corrupted or something because the sound kept going off and it kept freezing so I deleted it. From what I played it wasnt my thing. Those steath shooters have never been my thing though and I can't see myself ever picking it up.

I did however download my free copy of MotorStorm yesterday and found that game to be very good. Of course it would be hard to complain about a free game. I do love the fact that it's an overhead racer. Feels very, retro.

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