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I may sell some more Non-Tendo R.O.B. carts

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Posted Wed Apr 4, 2012 5:03 PM

I updated the market thread

with this;
I am going to make some more of these if there is interest. I am not into pre-order or prepay, and it will only be about 10 more. I did make a minor update to the label stating that keypads work, so if anyone that bought the first one sends me their label I can mail them the new one. I plan on making a MINIMAL manual, and if I do, I will send it to the original purchasers as well.
Price will be $30 total shipped. There was one person that would like to return/resell their cart due to some personal reason, I somehow lost the email, feel free to message me. I suggested that instead of them shipping to me, that they could just ship to the next person on the list that wanted one and eat the shipping, so effectively do it for $25...
Anyway, I still have plans for a controller device in addition to the keypad support. To those that bought one already, I thank you for the interest, it was a huge kick when I got it to work.
I still do plan to offer them via the AtariAge store, and release the bin file (if it isn't out there already... ;-) )
They are shipped in boxes, not bubbleopes, and I got some real nice little shipping boxes lined up this time that I may even label if I can think of a nice way that isn't cheesy.

Honestly, I rarely read the market forum, someone moved my post there back when I first made them. I only read the 2600 forum and sub forums.

I guess any replies should be to the thread in the Market, just to keep it somewhat clean. I know I have some people that missed the first ones, feel free to PM me if you still want one. I will TRY to go through old messages and find the order of the ones that missed it. If I leave anyone out, no offense, purely accidental.
If you just want to talk about it, please do it in this thread, or one of the old ones in the 2600 forum.
I think this is the original if you want to read some more about it.
RRgghhh, I forgot how that guy/girl/whatever irked me...

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Posted Thu Apr 5, 2012 4:01 AM

Awesome I'd buy one but I already spend like $1000 the last half year on VCS games.

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