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Liquidating my collection: Part III

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Posted Fri Apr 20, 2012 4:07 PM

PM me your zipcode and what you are interested in: I will get back to you with a total you can pay by Paypal. Gift payments are appreciated but NOT necessary if you are uncomfortable doing that. I am willing to ship to Canada.

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Gameboy Advance:

Most of these were bought new by me, I would cut a slit into the shrink wrap at the top, played the game and then put it away. Everything except where noted is in exquisite condition and complete. No bootlegs. You would be hard pressed to add a nicer piece to your collection.

Advance Wars $30
Astro Boy Omega Factor SOLD
Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand $20
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow SOLD
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon $25
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance SOLD
Densetsu no Stafi (Legend of Starfi Japanese exclusive) $30 PENDING
Densetsu no Stafi 2 (Legend of Starfi 2 Japanese exclusive) $25 PENDING
Densetsu no Stafi 3 (Legend of Starfi 3 Japanese exclusive)$30 PENDING
DK: King of Swing $25
Drill Dozer $20
Dr. Sudoku (box is smushed) $5
Frogger's Adventures: Temple of the Frog $15
F-Zero: GP Legend $15
Gunstar Super Heroes $20
Gradius Galaxies SOLD
Iridion 2 SOLD
Kirby & the Amazing Mirror SOLD
Klonoa: Empire of Dreams (sealed) SOLD
Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament (sealed) $30
Kong: 8th Wonder of the World (sealed) $10
KuruKuru Kururin (European exclusive) $30 PENDING
Kururin Paradise (Japanese exclusive) $30 PENDING
Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga $30
Mario Party Advance $30
Mega Man and Bass $30
Mega Man Battle Network SOLD
Mega Man Zero SOLD
Mega Man Zero 2 SOLD
Mega Man Zero 3 SOLD
Mega Man Zero 4 SOLD
Metal Slug Advance $20
Metroid Fusion SOLD
Metroid: Zero Mission SOLD
Ninja Five-0 $200
Pinball of the Dead SOLD
QWAK (homebrew release, with original mailer) $20
Scurge (sealed) $8
Shaman King Master of Spirits $8
Sonic Advance $20
Sonic Advance 2 $20
Sonic Advance 3 $20
Tiny Toon Adventures: Scary Dreams SOLD
Warioland 4 (just cart and manual) $15
Wario Ware Mega Microgames $20
Wario Ware Twisted $25
Zelda: Minish Cap $45

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PSX + more GBA:

All my PS1 games are gem mint, purchased new and sport near flawless discs, no resurfacing shenanigans:

Castlevania Symphony of the Night SOLD
Megaman 8 SOLD
Megaman X4 $20
Megaman X5 SOLD
Megaman X6 SOLD

PSP Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles (sealed) $15

GBA-TV Converter <- brand new never used SOLD
Boxed w/docs Indigo Gameboy Advance looks minty, flawless screen SOLD

Not pictured:

GBA SP Graphite w/ backlit screen, great shape & power supply $55
Headphone adapter for GBA SP, new in box $5

Posted Image


Zelda Skyward Sword limited edition (sealed, everything included) SOLD


Demon's Crest $40 PENDING
Mega Man 7 SOLD
Super Mario World $6 PENDING
SNES Game Genie $10 PENDING


Zelda Ocarina of Time $25


Battletoads SOLD
Battle Unit Zeoth $3
Game & Watch Gallery $3
Heiankyo Alien $3
Kid Dracula $30 PENDING
Kirby's Dreamland $6 PENDING
Megalit $1 SOLD
Super Mario Land SOLD
Super Mario Land 2 SOLD
Tetris $3
Tiny Toon Adventures Bab's Big Break $3 PENDING
TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan $3 PENDING
3 clamshell cases SOLD

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Sega Master System:

Wonderboy III The Dragon's Trap (rarer North American release) $20

Sega Genesis:

Alien Storm (no manual) $10
Altered Beast $10
Bio-Hazard Battle SOLD
Contra - Hard Corps (no manual) $25 PENDING
Cyborg Justice $8
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine $8
Ecco The Dolphin (no manual) $5
Gaiares $30
Ghouls 'N Ghosts $20
Golden Axe (black box original release) $15
Granada $25
Jurassic Park (no manual) $2
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventures (no manual) SOLD
Revenge of Shinobi (black box original release) $15
Risk (no manual) $2
Shinobi 3 $25
Sonic 3D Blast (custom clamshell case) SOLD
Sonic the Hedgehog $8
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 $5
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (clamshell original release) $10
Starflight (no manual) $15
Streets of Rage SOLD
Streets of Rage 2 SOLD
Taz-Mania $3
Wonderboy in Monsterworld $20
Zoom! $10

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Miscellaneous items:

Earthworm Jim clamshell $3
Ristar box $40
Flicky clamshell $3
MERCS clamshell $3
World of Illusion clamshell $3
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 PAL clamshell $2
Genesis Elemental Master loose cart, great shape, SOLD
32X Virtua Racing Deluxe loose cart, $5
Official Sega Saturn 4MB RAM cartridge $15
Half Life GOTY boxed SOLD
Various Sega/Nintendo Playing with Power posters, SOLD
Dreamcast Third party VMU with case, SOLD

Posted Image

20 SNES cartridge dust sleeves SOLD

Posted Image

Nintendo Power:

176-182, 184 (2004) $8
Nintendo Power 4-Player Extra Strategy Guide (great shape) $5
Majora's Mask Guide SOLD


$5 for both lots:
July 2002 to December 2002
June 2006 to April 2006

Computer Gaming World:

October 2005 to September 2006 #255 - #265 $5


SWAT August/September 1991 (rough shape) $1
November 2003 to April 2006 #182 - #211 $15

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