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How much does a full TI system typically sell for?

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Posted Wed May 2, 2012 6:03 AM

I told you to leave it alone.
I said that making money was OK in my book for EVERYBODY.
Ebay useless for establishing value ? OK argue-tron.
At this point I don't care. You want be poor pitiful polly then rock on.

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Posted Wed May 2, 2012 7:29 AM

Everyone just calm down a bit. Don't make me start cracking heads. It's too early in the morning for that and it makes me angry and irritated all day.

I watch the TI stuff on ebay now and then (I keep looking for a reasonably priced Fathom cart), and I don't think the prices are too out of whack. Sure you get the people trying to sell a bare bones console for $50-$100, but you get that for every system (2600's go for about $20 if you're lucky, but that doesn't stop people from trying to sell them for $100 with a copy of pac-man). From what I've seen the TI hardware seems to be pretty expensive, especially the 3rd party stuff like CorComp add ons and the rarer PEB cards (Geneve's are really expensive, but then again they ARE rare). The software generally tends to be pretty cheap however. Is it overpriced? Who can say? It all depends on what people are willing to pay.

As for hoarding of rare hardware, I think you'll find that happens with every computer. There are some Apple II guys I know who have four or five IIgs accelerators or Apple II 3.5" cards. They generally keep them as a back up in case one of theirs dies, which I can understand I suppose. Still, their business, not mine.

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Posted Wed May 2, 2012 8:01 AM

Hi, i am always sorry when in TI99 community happen discussions like this,but i know it would be impossible it not happen, like brothers... but at the end we always want good.... it's true ? :D

about selling on ebay i must say i always purchase and selling, i am "ti99iuc" on ebay... when I sell, I often start the auctions by a single euro, and I let people do the right price ...

it has happened that I sold TI99 console and other stuff for 50 euros or 100 euros ...
many cases not even return to what I spent I initially .... but I'm glad someone else has a TI99 from TI99 Italian User Club in 2012 ;)

other times i must sold some my duplicates at the same price i spent for not lost too much money...but i don't feel myself crazy when i selling at a fixed price... maybe i feel myself crazy when i purchase the items on ebay, as my last boxed Rave Speech Card for $130 or a boxed Espial for $199 + shipping cost from USA in Italy... well... i feel me crazy... :(

I exploit eBay to complete my collection and to support the expenses that I have between the website and the material that I also buy from the states and not only ...
for this, I recognize that when there is work done by others people like Marc Hull and Matthew (Two important member of the TI community for me...) , it is fair that you pay also their time and their professionalism. you can not give away everything ....as gift...

Pitfall! it's a great work from Retroclouds, i have purchased 5 cartridge from the first batch and i am happy if retroclouds have had some money for his work...
SID Master '99 from Mark Hull i paid $139 for a Sid Master and i purchased two... i was happy to buy it and i was imaging that some money was for his...
though now it had to lower the price to sell, it's okay, I bought at that price the first two cards for my collection! : D: serial numbers and ROHS-001 and ROHS-002

the same is for the preorder of the F18A... i preordered and i can't wait to have one ! ;), or Turbo Forth ! (Thankyou King Mark !) :D

so my friends thank you for what you're doing... without your works, the TI 99 community could not exist alive like is now.

As for ebay, let me check again... Yup, consoles going for $0.99, $9.99, $34.99, and there's one for $99.00. So, based on that, what is the fair price, or "going rate" for a console? Looks pretty crazy to me, and my opinion is still that using ebay to try to establish value is useless.

about this i think that by now it's not have a fixed price... it depends form the part of the world where the TI9 is sold... for example in Italy have a different price than in USA or in Argentina or in UK ...
anyway the correct price is the price we wont to spent... it's similar to a famous artistic picture...

about the value on ebay i use to look already the sold items in advanced search in ebay...
not the item selling and maybe never sold....

So, i am sorry for my poor English but i hope you understand what i mean ;)

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