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Anyone up for a Zelda III hack?

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Posted Tue May 29, 2012 12:57 PM

NOTE! I know about the grammar fail at the mockup below. ;-)

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WIP Project started 2008.

I've been working on graphics and illustrations for 4 years and have finally begun to try understanding Hyrule Magic which will take another 4 years to understand if there's none to help me speed up the process. In this case, I need help with ASM (LDA/STA) scripting...

However, here's what I got regarding this illustrated ROM-hack:

New Items which needs to be scripted into Hyrule Magic

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- The Magic Feather makes Link lighter and allows him to hover for 2 directions in one jump. (Example: UP+RIGHT etc.) This item will be used when discovering hidden areas and will also be a helpful tool in dungeons when the hookshot will be useless.

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- The Magnet can be used to attract or repel magnetized objects. If the affected object is stuck in the ground, Link will attract or repel himself accordingly. Opposite polarities will attract each other, and equal polarities will repel each other.

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-Lens of Truth is a magical looking glass that can see through any illusion, such as hidden doors, pits and other things. It may also be used to ascertain the contents of a large Treasure Chest before opening it. The Lens of Truth will slowly drain the user of magic power. It acts only in the middle of the screen like the Lamp item.

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- It is the 2nd of 2 main treasures hidden inside of the Sky Temple in the Light World. It is needed to stand against hard blowing winds and slippery surfaces.

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- Found in the deep caves of Death Mountain in the Dark World. The Cane of Liluri transforms your enemies into statues as long as you have magic power. (Good for dungeon switches) It can be used to create platforms as well. It drains the magic power quite fast, so only use it when you need to.

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- The Bombchu is a self-propelled variant of the bomb. The name comes from the fact that it is an explosive ("Bomb") and the fact that it resembles a mouse ("chu" being a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a mouse makes). It's a remote-controlled bomb you can control where ever you want (floor only) before it detonates and blow the entire area into pieces.

Passage Grid

Posted Image

Posted Image
(Using tiled to build the overworld since Hyrule Magic suck. Area 16,17,21 showing.)

Yeah. I don't want to spoil much more. ;-)

Kind regards

-Aeranima ;)

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