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A New, $99 Console Called Ouya Is Real and Radically Different...

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Posted Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:23 AM

As most probably know, I put together a theoretical comparison of Ouya's capabilities in the "OUYA console already getting support from major publishers" thread.

Eurogamer has posted an article on Ouya cabilities, based on testing with other tegra 3 platforms. Interestingly, they peg it as more capable than an original Xbox, where I placed it a bit ahead of the Wii. (not a huge difference)

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Posted Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:31 PM

So, Eurogamer has a large article that basically tells us that the $100 Ouya won't be as powerful as the much more expensive products from MS and Sony...

Interesting.. ;-)

In my mind, the only question on the tech side is, "Will it be powerful enough to....?"
If the longer question is " .. dethrone the current gen kings," the answer is "no."
If the longer question is " .. play enjoyable games," I think the answer is "yes."

I think the the latter question is more relevant.

Then the more important question (and always the more important question) is, "will it have great/fun games?"
Fingers crossed..


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Posted Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:37 PM

Anything that will dethrone the current way Pubs and Devs think about how to bring Games to their Customers - is welcome with me. I think todays Pubs and Devs have completely lost touch with what they're doing... and if it means being fired... then perhaps that is literally the only way some people are going to finally realize... "that there are actually Gamers who are not satisfied with the quality of work todays Devs/Pubs are dishing out, that standards should be revisited and properly addressed, and that price point schemes of today are unsustainable in the long run and why".

Until a formal Boycott of todays biggest IPs, Devs, and Pubs occurs... nothing will change for the ultimate better (we're still going to have badass games coming out just the same, but all the current nonsense of buggy releases, endless DLC that should have come with the original product, Devs who refuse to talk to their Customers about their software, Pubs who are supposed to be able to offer support for said products but don't because they literally don't know how/or flat out refuse to offer proper support, the list goes on and on...).

In a nutshell... there are three giants who currently have a Triopoly ;-)

A 4th option might be all that's needed to put the Industry back on course... a Console created for Gamers, by Gamers.. Published by Gamers, for Gamers.. Priced by Gamers, for Gamers - could definitely be what this Industry sorely needs.

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Posted Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:45 PM

Considering the amount of tables that I bought for Pinball Arcade, and how the physics on that is better than on the console versions in my opinion, this is a day 1 purchase.

#205 SoulBlazer OFFLINE  


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Posted Wed Aug 15, 2012 9:52 PM

The Kicstarter is over, 9.5 million raised, and a good article about the pros and cons and the challenge ahead:


Can they deliver? Well, that's a pretty big war chest....only time will tell.

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Posted Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:10 PM

What happens to the money, if they fail to deliver? Refunds, or do the top brass make off for the Cayman Islands?

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Posted Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:13 AM

Two kinds of deliver.

The backers expect a console, and some spiffs, depending on what they contributed. If they get that done and ship it with the specs met, they've met their Kickstart goals. Everybody is happy.

From there, "deliver" means growing that base, selling more consoles and of course getting games and development flowing.

For the amount of money they raised, I would be stunned if they failed to actually deliver consoles. The real question is whether or not that delivery kicks off bigger and better things, or we get a cool Android toy to play with.

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