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Easy sound fix for Jaguar with no or low sound

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Posted Sun Sep 2, 2012 5:43 PM

Im posting this just in the sake of archiving for possible trouble shooting in the future. Hopefully it can be of help for someone down the road.

This is an easy fix requiring zero to basic skills. The help of a multimeter and soldering iron is optional.

I recently picked up a Jaguar unit that was having sound issue ( in this case extremely low sound). I later fixed 2 other units that had no sound with this same method.

The culprit in all my Jaguar units was the REG1 chip. its located down and to the left of the DSP. This chip regulates the Jaguar voltage to 5v for the sound system. In the case of the low sound system it was only putting out 1.3v and in the other jaguar units it was putting out 0v. This photo is after I completed the project.

Posted Image

Test with a multimeter
You can check this on Pin1. If you do not know how to look at a chip and determine Pin1 its the one with the small notch on the top of the chip beside it. In this case its the bottom row left furthest pin. You can confirm if power is going into the chip set with Pin 8, this is the pin directly across from Pin 1. It should be 9v but depending on the accuracy of your multimeter it may be slightly higher or lower.

Test with out a Multimeter
If you do not have a multimeter you can still check to see if this chip is the culprit. You need about 8 inches of wire cable. You can sacrifice a CAT5 cable or any other old cable for this. Strip off about 1/4 on each end of the wire.

Now you need to access a source of 5v on the Jaguar motherboard. The Jaguar AV Port offers just the source.

Behind the Jaguar Cartridge port locate (L7)

Posted Image

Take one end of your wire and touch it to L7 the silver part only and the other end to Pin1 on the REG1. You should now have sound. If not then your culprit could be more severe but less likely.

Now if your handy with soldering iron solder the wire in place at both contact points. Optional you can firmly tape the wire down at both locations with some electrical tape. Third option is to pick up some conductive wire glue and permanently glue the wires into place. Conductive wire glue runs about $5.

Below is a few photos of the finished project on one of my Jaguar's. FYI this does not hinder the AV port so if you use Composite or Svideo you are fine as they do not require the 5V lead.

Posted Image

I ran all 3 Jaguars for 36 hours to test. One was playing Fight For Life, One was playing Cybermorph and the other one was playing Rayman.

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Posted Mon Sep 3, 2012 4:44 PM

The Reg1 chip needs to be replaced about 99% of the time when the power regulator is blown too (wrong power-pack syndrome), so replacing this chip is already archived. But, it will help some people with your way of testing the Reg1 chip (and apparently a McGyver-type fix). I'll use this info myself in the future I'm sure. I bet I could have fixed several of my Jaguar sound issues without repacing the chip like I have been doing. I might even be able to re-use the REG1 chips I replaced for future repairs using your technique! Good thing I keep them (for identification purposes if another chips number is burned off).
Good stuff!

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Posted Mon Nov 10, 2014 8:07 PM

Gotta say thanks for this. Worked great and didnt need to buy a new chip

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Posted Fri Nov 14, 2014 6:40 AM

there is an easier way

see attached picture (red line)


for models that do not have the adc chip just connect to the main board as 5v is still present

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Posted Sat Mar 4, 2017 8:46 AM

I have 5V on reg1, but still no sound. What else can be the problem?

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