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Kill the Lynx

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Posted Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:50 AM

The only thing that kills the lynx is it's slowly dying capacitors.

Replacing any bad capacitors would bring it back to life,

By the way, since I also collect classic arcade games I own a good cap tester and I tested all caps on my Lynx I and all of them are still in fine condition. In my experiences with arcade hardware, I must say that if caps fail, it are the smaller ones most of the time (and those yes those are in the Lynx). However, it doesn't happen as often as is so many times suggested.
I own a Seeburg jukebox from 1975. All caps in there are from Siemens and Sprague, two top brands at the time. I checked them all and NONE of them was even slightly out of spec. I'm not saying caps never die, but it is a much overrated thing to always replace all caps....especially if you're going to use cheap Chines c®aps, stick with brands like Panasonic or Nichicon.

Oh and this prank was pretty funny. It reminded me how I wrote a dos-batch file that "erased" the hard disc on the PC of one of my teachers on tech-school. To "emulate" the sound of the ticking when formatting the HD (which was still common at that time) I had it write a print file of the directory to the HD about 3000 times. Of course I included a text saying the hard disk had been analyzed and too many pirated programs were found on it and therefore the HD was being formatted.....Imwasnt there to witness it, but my classmates said the teacher completely freaked out when it ran LOL....

Also, wasn't there supposed to be a certain SYS command for the C64 that would kill it if ran long enough ? Actually I think the C64, with its lousy production quality, was well able to kill itself without any tricks ;);)

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Posted Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:19 PM

There is a killer poke for PET.  Earlier PET model had a poke code that if used seemed to speed up the text display by a bit. But CBM changed some things in later model, using the same poke command did weird things with the video system and have damaged the CRT.


AFAIK there isn't any poke or sys that can harm C64.

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Posted Thu Aug 11, 2016 11:48 AM

Must have been an urban legend in the 80's then....:D

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