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Games that should have been made for Intellivision

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Posted Thu Feb 1, 2018 12:54 PM

apologies for the spamming, but re-reading the old comments I realized how many "Games that should have been made for Intellivision" mentioned here have actually been made and released in the meantime (Ms. Pac-Man, a good Zaxxon, Missile Command, Flappy Bird) and how many will soon be available.
It's awesome!

p.s.: Am I the only one around here who likes Raiders of the Lost Ark? I bet it would be great on Intellivision


I liked the Raiders of the Lost Ark on the 2600.


It does need to be Intellivised

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Posted Thu Feb 1, 2018 1:05 PM

I enjoyed Raiders of the Lost Ark on the Atari 2600 as a kid, but I can't help but feel it could be designed so much better today. Much more streamlined, intuitive, etc. I just don't think a 1:1 port would be all that appealing (for me).

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Posted Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:55 AM

i've readed only the first three pages, but i've read enough




yeah that's it, that's the right idea, a simple but very addictive game, cool use of the voice and it's best played human vs human, dunno about the c-64 version but on the final amiga release could play up to four.


doesn't needs much graphic, but offers a lot of gameplay, changing mazes, changing gravity and so on.


many ideas are good, but when i started to read it was this or that arcade clone, but space taxi is much better, it's a "computer game", it's not designed to eat nickels.

it's designed only for the purpose of having fun.


that's something i would like to see.


certainly a role playing game could be interesting, on the other hand it can get to boring to play, massive slaughtering of monsters and finding a solution you can repetively use isn't very appealing to me.

if then i like things like in "the last crusade", the randomness of certain riddles which prevent from playing a second time using simply the same solutions.


at least one should have something to do in a role playing game and not only select between "magic, attack, retreat".


but really suitable in my opinion is space taxi.


also i miss something like a "ack, ack" just two guns with ballistic projectiles, i guess roughly it exists as a ecs basic game.


imo the range of games is wide and arcade clones aren't the best what a console can offer, i always felt that way 1982 and in 2018.


it's what we like to see because we know them, at least to me.

but in the end it's not what you will play most.


one point why arcade clones aren't good at home is simply the fact that you don't have to spend a coin, thus you play different.

games who offer a continue (with the restriction of three coins i.e.) aren't the best imho.

they was designed once to take out the last coin of a average players wallet and not to be played at home.

you like to reach the final stage and well if you are a looser type you can equal this with money, a system which is very common today, again.


i really have to differ between what i like(d) and what i played most, mostly caused by the fact that i often played with one or two friends and this kicks back "astrosmash" on rank 20.


"north vs. south" i found a pleasing idea but i fear we can't reproduce franquin's cool graphics on the inty.

but what is about "kaiser"? less graphics and a typical round based strategy.

i know we have utopia and defender of the crown mixes elements.

but personally i like this straightforward round based strategy, i still play sometimes "lords of the realm", i must have played it a thousend times.


and well i still guess something like "return to earth" is possible, in a further sense it's nothing else as "king of the mountain", get the proper equipment.


finally i like to see "troubles with tribbles".

if we guess it's a very simple game (the PD ST for the amiga500) and batteling the birds of prey is a quite random thing.

excursions on planets equal to "robot finds kitten", randomly search something and read out spocks tricorder "a fishbowl containing a dead fish".

randomly run in the "troubles with tribbles" and lose the game!

sorry, next time better luck.

or even not randomly, one can make it depending on decisions you make in such a role playing game, hidden of course, not to clear to see what was the wrong decision(s).

on the other hand random dead is better, no chance to learn it, it happens or not.


i like drawing numbers out of numbers ;)


if you make the sudden death depending on in which order you visited places or made decisions and randomize the sudden death decision based on this you won't know it yourself when it will happen.

it happens but it won't mean it happens again, except you visit exactly the same places and make exactly the same decisions.

adding 1 for hitting the last bird of prey or even not if you missed will change it as well again, whatever you do will influence the decision tribbles or not simply by adding 1 or 0 to a counter.

if you hit the proper number, there they are and infect your ship, but you won't know when it happens, last game it was when you visited "zardoz" next when you visited "lave", if you're lucky it won't happen at all.


the cool thing is it won't depend on if you simply shoot down all the enemies, or play good or bad (apart from loosing shields and being as well dead as the dead fish).

you will have to play again, often until you randomly reached the goal, of whatever that might be.


"sir, the shields are low, what shall i do?"

a) take rerserve energy

b) take energy from lasers

c) show me this bastard on the screen.


besides in such a game no decision is really wrong, it will only influence the next thing to do or the sudden death.


the only two wrong things i remember you can do is loosing a battle or picking up the tribbles.


yeah i know, i already hear "but one would need to save such a game", not really i have to state, if it's short enough it's exactly this certain tidbit of reality some games leak of how realistic the graphics might be - dead is dead my son!


you know already that i'm a frontier addicted, the games is good if you like such, but it's killing if you play without saving the game, of course it limits your career to a afternoon, but it's cool space IS deep and you never know if you will survive the most hostile environment one can imagine.

losing a battle means losing your life (sacrifying 300 redshirts in fact for ST), no saveguards.


it doesn't have to be Star Trek "Flash Gordon" (or even worse "space patrol") would suit as well as theme.


the game is really simple, three main screens (one can say), the bridge, battle, excursion, in each screen each crew member has a screen for his tasks, sometimes they have no function, "bones" won't help much in a battle.

it doesn't have to be ST and it doesn't have to be 5 or 6 crew members, 3 crew members would be enough (i like the idea of cheap space patrol).


ah, a classic role playing game, but don't forget you play them with dices, that's what made them successful, that's why some still play them in this way.


but somehow i like to see it procedural generated (apart from the static graphics), "the trollish comment generator" is only a start (if you guess).

in the same way you can struct sentences you can struct a mission, do this, do that, do something else, land first here, second there, go to repair dock etc.


in the amiga ST (shareware it was not PD), the battles are extremly simple, the "bird of prey" and your aim acted simply like two magnets with the same polarity, due to a little delay it's possible to hit it - sometimes if you're lucky and experienced.

it's brutal simple, nonetheless the feel of space battle is good.


though the game itself is nothing else as a text role playing game, spiced up with a simple space battle (or spaced up with a spice batlle?).

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Posted Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:10 AM

pardon me

"rocky jones, space ranger" it was what i ment not space patrol, sorry folks.


knowing that it was sharware let's me guess right now the tribbles was only a safety bolt for the public released version (likewise to disable the savegame feature, but the game is playable, thus the tribbles make sense if they appear in any case and not being able to save a game is some extra hardness).


however i like the sudden death and it doesn't have to happen.


and why making a failing hyperspace engine only depending on service intervals? let's make it random - space is deep!

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Posted Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:37 PM

Yes! SPACE TAXI! I'd love to see that on either Intellivision or ColecoVision. :D

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Posted Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:36 AM

Galaxian is on its way...

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Posted Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:57 AM

Galaxian is on its way...



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Posted Sat Aug 18, 2018 4:07 AM

Galaxian is on its way...


Wow, cool!  That's one of my favourites.  :thumbsup:


Although it looks very cool, it seems to me that the vertical space afforded by the Intellivision resolution does not give enough room for the attackers to manœuvre and the player has not enough time to defend himself.  Perhaps you may need to reduce the number of rows used by the enemies -- maybe one less row?


I really like the attack patterns, you've captured that really well. :)



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Posted Sat Aug 18, 2018 5:52 AM

Seems like one could make a MOBA type game on Intellivision -- the machine could handle 3 on 3 real time strategy with some background obstacles, right?

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