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How come there hasn't been any new Apple II games in like 10+ years?

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Posted Sat May 20, 2017 5:27 PM

I was toying around with some other game ideas, but the next one from Naspite Labs (Aka developer of DogFighters of Mars 2 and Music Master RPG ©2015) will be Kiddy Kaboom.  Its classic Kaboom but using characters from Donkey Kong Country 3 Kiddy and Dixie, along with ol' Cranky up the top throwing the bombs.  2 versions will be made, one for full mockingboard support with quite a few audio tracks... and a slightly dumbed down edition using SFX multi-tasking audio for those without extra sound chips.  It will have intermissions between the stages using a story-board type atmosphere    It will have 7 stages... that will save to the disk, so you can save your progress half-way thru and pickup the story line where you left off.  Using mainly Double-Lores 80x48, a highly underutilized graphics format for the Apple II. 

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Posted Today, 7:40 AM

Alien Downpour is shipping now.
I just got mine.



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