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ColecoVision 1.2 - replacement PCB, added features

ColecoVision Modification YPbPr Component New

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#251 ten-four OFFLINE  



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Posted Mon Feb 20, 2017 1:24 PM

1. Both, prefer F18A

2. Not important

3. Not important

4. Standard DB 9

5. Not important

6. Not important

7. IC-sockets for the most important IC's, like VDP, BIOS, Z 80, SN, U18 and U19.

#252 ApolloBoy OFFLINE  



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Posted Fri Mar 3, 2017 12:20 AM

1: Neither, I'd prefer RGB
2: Nope
3: Don't really care
4: Both inputs
5: Regular switches
6: It'd be nice to have something to drop into a standard CV case
7: Surface mount for stuff like logic ICs and the supporting circuitry, but keep things through-hole for the main ICs

#253 Jinks OFFLINE  


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Posted Sat Mar 4, 2017 8:20 AM

Make a board that fits in a cv case all features same as original with better video output and its own new power supply Price 200usd.

#254 jwats01 OFFLINE  


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Posted Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:34 PM

1. YPbPr/component

2. Flexible. I'd be OK either way on this option.

3. Yes on Roller power

4. More controllers is always better

5. Standard

6. Whatever is less expensive, but still be quality

7. Surface mount

#255 larrylaffer OFFLINE  


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Posted Sun May 7, 2017 3:34 PM

Hi all! I hope it is not too late to join the party, is it? :)


Hoping it is not here is my take:


  1. YPbPr/component or F18A doesn't make much difference to me
  2. Atari module compatibility is not much of interest for me, I have a 7800 and a 5200 hooked up 24/7, so I play the 2600 games on my 7800.
  3. For Roller controller power I say "yes please", always good to have all the hardware available...
  4. If the cost is small (like $10-$15) then Coleco+Sega controller, if more than $15 I say Standard only works for me.
  5. Plug-n-play power and reset switches (similar to standard)
  6. Agreeing with jwats01 and some others. Less expensive works better for me.
  7. Surface mount please.


#256 BassGuitari OFFLINE  


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Posted Mon May 8, 2017 10:52 AM

Then I'll have a new ColecoVison for ME ;) ... at some point I'll need to know what YOU need/want in such a board...

  1. YPbPr/component or F18A?
  2. Atari module compatibility or not?
  3. Roller controller power (would require soldering the 4-pin standard power connector to the board - as an output, not an input) or not? (BTW, board uses 5V barrel connector as power input).
  4. Coleco controller (2 standard inputs) or Coleco+Sega controller (2 standard inputs plus 2 Sega inputs)?
  5. Plug-n-play power and reset switches (similar to standard) or custom power and reset switches (someone would have to solder and fit these like a few people have done)?
  6. Standard ColecoVision case or something smaller and likely generic?
  7. Surface mount or mostly-soldered-in through-hole parts or fully-IC-socketed through-hole components? (input 74'541 ICs will be socketed through-hole in any case).

I guess I'd be interested in whatever I could get (depending on the price), but given my 'druthers:

1. Whichever's cheaper
2. Preferably, yes
3. It would be nice to have the option to use a Roller Controller, but probably not at the expense of cannibalizing an existing Coleco
4. Coleco
5. Plug-n-play
6. Either; a drop-in replacement for a Coleco and a whole "new" console are equally appealing
7. Whichever's cheaper, I guess

In my opinion, if it's going to be a true drop-in board for an existing Coleco system, it should have ExpMod#1 and Roller Controller compatibility. If it's going to go in its own smaller case, that stuff can be dropped--it would be like a better DINA only without SG1000 support! :-D Either way, I'd leave out the Sega control ports; it would keep the cost down, and we all have Coleco controllers anyway. Or alternately, if going for a new case design, just have Sega ports and integrate [membrane/flex circuit?] keypads that could be fed through and attached to the new case (although that kind of flies against keeping costs down...).



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