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Cartridge ATARI assembler editor

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Posted Sat Jan 4, 2014 1:51 PM



In the eighties, I used to work with this cartridge. Now, I haven't anymore, but I remember that some friends used a disk copy of it; a kind of hack... On the disk there were a DOS, a DUP and an autorun to switch the hidden RAM bank beside the BASIC cartridge and load a copy of the assembler... perhaps somebody has this kind of disk and can send it to me? I practice cross compilation on a PC, but I liked very much to debug with this cartridge, I don't like to work on an ATARI emulation.





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Posted Sat Jan 4, 2014 7:59 PM

Can't really mail it but can give you a disk image that you can run in emulation or copy to a real disk yourself.


Attached File  #DOS 2.5XL master.atr   130.02KB   80 downloads


Note this DOS is the "2.5 XL" patched which will only work on >=64K machine, it uses the Ram under OS for MEM.SAV.


If you want to just use with a normal DOS, copy the files "ASM" and "AUTORUN.SYS" onto another Dos boot disk.


The Autorun checks if you've pressed the Space bar during boot.  If you did, then it'll load the assembler automatically for you.


Otherwise you can binary load it from Dos.  You can switch between Basic/Assembler pressing Shift + Reset.   Note you lose your program if not saved when switching.


I'm not sure it works 100% properly if you boot up with Basic disabled.


Also note it puts some vital program code (the reset handling) just before the Display List at top of memory.

If you use any graphics mode that creeps lower than a normal text screen (ie most of them), it'll wipe that code and the machine will likely lockup when you press Reset again.


To get around that, either POKE 9,1 or equivalent in the Assembler debugger.


Also you can load program ASM2 which will re-establish the reset handling.  ASM must have been previously loaded to occupy the Ram under Basic.

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Posted Sun Jan 5, 2014 2:40 AM

Hello Rybags,


Thanks a lot, that is exactly what I need! I just have tested the disk. I have a python tool, it can convert a binary file under test into boot disk:


choppe.65o -> ../../pySIO/trunk/disks/CHOPPE_THE_ROBOT
[0BFD:1FEB] 5103 bytes
[2000:25BC] 1469 bytes
bootable file 6592 bytes, 52 sectors


I assemble on a PC with atasm106, then I use a real ATARI 800 and a SIO2PC to emulate a disk drive. The development chain is very fast, I modify the source, I press a function key to assemble and create the image disk, then I press the reset on the ATARI and I can test the modifications on a real ATARI. the SIO2PC is always running, no need to stop it to work on the disk image. The entry point of the program under test is very low in memory because I would like it to run on 600 or 600XL. But just for debug purpose, I can lift it in the memory to be loadable as a binary file by your disk. :thumbsup: you are right, I don't have to lift it too much because of the patched reset handling. I think it should work.





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