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How many Apple II games were made?

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Posted Tue Aug 1, 2017 10:46 AM

Just anecdotal evidence here (my own, for what it's worth) - back between 1985 and 1989 I had amassed a collection of somewhere around 2500 diskettes worth of Apple ][ software which I collected mainly through mail trading with around a half dozen people I contacted (or contacted me) through Computist magazine and some things from the BBS scene, usually newer releases. I had them all cataloged and categorized in an AppleWorks database. I remember going to a couple of Warez trading parties in Austin, TX around 1989 where I and my best college bud brought all of what we had in 2 suitcases - kind of like the mob showing up, is how one of the attendees described it at the time. With that being said, it was nearly impossible to find something we didn't already have that wasn't some variation on things already in our collections. Sure we could have added 100+ EAMON adventures but we were more interested in the commercial stuff, so more often than not we passed on stuff like that. So I'd have to say that even in 1985, the claim of 10,000 software titles was being at least somewhat deceptive. If you're counting every single program on, for example, the DOS 3.3, PRODOS and Beagle Bros. utilities diskettes as a software title, then I'm pretty sure that number is accurate. But as for that many actual commercial products you could purchase individually, I'd say that's quite an inflated number.


As for what happened to my collection... sadly, UPS lost EVERYTHING when I shipped it all home to PA at the end of my Spring semester in 1989. But it ended up being bittersweet, as I replaced it with an Amiga 500 (a decision I've never regretted) with the insurance check I received from UPS and used that up until 1998 before finally moving to a Win98 PC.


Anyway, yes, it is definitely cool that someone is finally creating a database of Apple ][ software. It's the platform I used during some of the happiest days of my teenage years and brings back many wonderful memories.

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Posted Wed Aug 2, 2017 10:12 AM

A couple of minor points to make on Tanrunomad's list.


First, should you include compilations/re-releases in a game list?  If a game was released originally on its own and later re-released by a different company or bundled with other previously standalone games, counting each game more than once presents an inflated number of actual games released for the system.


If you go this route, Akalabeth has a self-published release not contained on the list : http://www.mocagh.or...ethcomputerland


Second, should helper programs like Wizprint or Ultima IV Construction Set be on this list?  They are not games in and of themselves and only enhance a game.  (You are missing Ultima III Construction Set).


Third, remakes should have their own separate entries.  "Ultima" and its remake, "Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness" are sufficiently distinct from each other in terms of software and by being released by separate companies, years apart, in very different packaging.  

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Posted Wed Aug 2, 2017 2:43 PM

Good points. In order to get anywhere near 10,000 I believe all re-releases and compilations are required. ;-)


Then again all the numbers on C64 titles, Atari 8-bit titles, MSX titles, Amstrad CPC titles and whichever other mostly proprietary computer format you want to mention, will likewise be inflated to some degree. A few of their lists try to keep compilations separate, and some try to link together re-releases as one entry, but not all of them do so no matter how we count in order to compare which system had the most number of games, there will be error margins. On the other hand it goes without saying since usually anyone could produce and sell software without going through a single source of licensing, which meant nobody could have full knowledge of how many games there were out there.

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Posted Wed Aug 2, 2017 2:49 PM

I always heard, 2nd hand, 3rd hand, and so on, that the amount of PROGRAMS was just a little over 17,000. Once you include type-ins and compilations and re-releases, I'm sure that number increases significantly to over 50,000.


Games only? Pffftt.. who knows.. A comprehensive list will eventually tell the number.

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