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xdt99: New TI 99 cross-development tools available

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Posted Thu Sep 7, 2017 9:28 AM

You could create a file as.bat in your source folder, i.e., the folder that contains your assembly files:


@echo off
rem adjust paths to match your downloaded files
c:/development/xdt99/xas99.py -R %1.a99 -L %1.lst -S
c:/development/xdt99/xdm99.py -X sssd test.dsk -a %1.obj -f disfix80
rem start MESS
c:/emulators/mess64.exe ti99_4a -peb:slot8 hfdc -peb:slot8:hfdc:f1 525dd -peb:slot2 32kmem -cart C:/mytiroms/edasm.rpk -flop1 test.dsk


Then you just invoke with


as.bat myprogram


to assemble your file myprogram.a99 as E/A option #3, put the result on a disk, and start MESS and E/A with it.  You only need to adjust the paths of your programs in the batch file once.

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Posted Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:48 AM

I've finally released a new version of the xdt99 suite.

The biggest change is the inclusion of two disassemblers xda99 and xdg99 for machine code and GPL bytecode, resp.  They support top-down disassembly as well as "run" disassembly that tries to follow the program flow and thus won't disassemble data segments.

Additionally, xas99 has some new features:

  • include filename in error message
  • create a textual version of the binary using BYTEs
  • include symbols in listing (option S of E/A)
  • generate EQU file of used symbols
Likewise, xga99 is moving ahead for feature parity with xas99:
  • generates listing
  • generate symbols (like xas99)
Since the disassemblers are brand new and not so thoroughly tested as the assemblers yet, I'm happy to receive bug reports and feature requests.
Download link here (don't download the source)     Manual link here
For the next release, I'm going to tackle my huge backlog and bug list, before I'll do a big refactoring after that.


Today, I pushed an update of my sources of the Objective-C wrapper classes and the sources of the sample App SimpleXDTIDE to be synchronously.
Link to the release at GitHub

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Posted Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:08 PM

Hey, just a quick note...


I've been having some problems with my CRPG running on the actual hardware.... after a lot of sweat and tears and flummoxed testing I finally narrowed it down to the HFE image not being quite right.


My disk image has a 128K file on it and it was missing the last handful of sectors whenever I tried to load them. So I created a new 360K DSK image in TI99Dir and re-copied the files, only to have the loader fail hard-core immediately and dump back to the master title screen with copious screen corruption. :?


I managed to find an older DSK image I knew worked and re-copy the files, and finally everything is working as it should... but I am curious as to why the HFE image had issues. Are there any known issues interacting with TI99DIR created DSK images? I should add that the catalog commands for xhm99/xdm99 worked just fine with no issues on the HFE image, plus it cataloged just fine on the actual TI. It only failed on load attempts.


The only other thing I can think of is the loader is an E/A Option 5 file generated with Classic99's save utility, and it's also placed in low RAM at >3000. I can try and get a "working" and "broken" HFE image for comparison purposes if you want to investigate it.

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Posted Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:27 PM

Maybe TIImageTool can say something about that, since it can read and write HFE. Please send me the images or upload them here.

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Posted Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:57 PM

I would, but when I went to make a new fresh image and replicate the issue, it didn't replicate.  :-o  It may have been because TI99Dir and all the other tools were freshly opened, I don't know.


If I have further issues of this nature I'll be sure to save the images and share them here immediately.

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Posted Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:35 AM

Just a note: xhm99 can also create HFE files, or decode them back to DSK.  So next time you create a nonworking HFE file with TIDIR you can decode that file with xhm99 and compare the DSK images, or vice versa.

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