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Why I got back into collecting ColecoVision...

coleco colecovision collection

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Posted Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:36 PM

Like I said, being in the right place at the right time!  That Up N Down was at a BIN for $35.  I just happened to log onto to eBay at the right time and I snagged it.  That Sector Alpha and Aquattack was from an estate auction website operated by Hines Auctions.  It was linked in the ColecoVision Lunatics Facebook group.  I thought for SURE someone else would have snagged them as I only put $100 each as my top bid.  I ended up, totally to my surprise, winning one of them for $78 and the other for $99.  I really didn't expect to win either of them.
I also ended up winning a lot of ten boxed Sega Master System games for $32 and a boxed Mr. Do!'s Castle for $40.  Neither of those things that rare, but very reasonable prices.  As I said, these were things I wasn't really looking for, but stumbled upon more accidentally. 

Congrats on some great buys there. That Up n Down box is one I've coveted for a while. I've accepted I'll likely never get the box for Aquatack. Much too pricey. I grabbed a nice buy a while back on a nice CIB Sector Alpha which I was thinking was a great deal, but yours was even better than mine. All said you've had some great luck.

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Posted Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:22 PM

$260 including shipping is not terrible. That means you paid about $100 each unit and if they actually work well after cleaning them up that is not bad at all. Especially considering that a good working Power Brick goes for about $30 each and that's a decent selection of games along with the driving controller and Super Action controllers.

I'd suggest getting some Detoxit and taking everything apart, cleaning it up, and putting it all back together.

You should also look into getting an AtariMax SD cart and maybe eventually getting the systems modded.

Take a look at my "ColecoVision Fan" Facebook page as well as the "ColecoVision Lunatics" Facebook group.

Enjoy the system!

Thanks.   I think I will once I get everything cleaned up and running.   Time to google Detoxit.

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Posted Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:48 PM


Isn't that something for alcoholics or drug addicts ?  :rolling:




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Posted Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:13 PM

I've been following this thread since it began and well... didn't 'know' / 'been thinking of' how to respond.  


'back into' - Well I've never left since I got my Coleco back in 1983(?)  (I thought I was 'strange' collecting for an older system).


Then 'EBAY' started getting bigger / I discovered OPCODE  / Digital Press etc. around 1998-2002


Fast forward - Collectorvision / Team Pixelboy / other independent publishers 


Cool at first - but lately - they are making me broke with all of the releases - sorta like 83 when I could not afford ALL of the games.


Back in 98 I bought a collection off EBAY - 96 games (38 that I did not have) / Console / etc for $500 - The wife thought I was INSANE - but later I learned that a boxed (complete) WIZ MATH was valued at $800!!!!  Also in that collection was a boxed Jungle Hunt.  Later I sent the box to a collector in Florida for a couple of games and some dough...

Poo  - although I do not collect boxes (see other threads) - I WISH I HAD NOT DONE THIS DEAL!!    LOL - Oh Well (JFC - it's a friggin box!!!!)



Ah well my story (briefly)...






Still recall a weekend with my then wife playing Lady Bug (2+ million points) for a Twin Galaxy highscore - later 'recalled' by me do to lack of confirmation.



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