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Dig Dug (1983) - Graphic Improvements

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Posted Sat Dec 9, 2017 11:39 PM

Alright, time for a color update...


Quite a few changes, some which are subtle enough not to be noticed unless you look for them.


Some good news is that the game actually already contained separate tables for NTSC and PAL. Subsequently, there are a lot more changes compared to the original when played on a PAL machine.


Overall, backgrounds were already done quite well by Atari, but better for the NTSC tables than PAL (as some may already be aware of). So not a whole lot of changes necessary for NTSC on that part.


All colors are matched between NTSC and PAL, which isn't too hard to do; although, PAL tends to be a little lighter/brighter on the luminance scale (some minor tweaks may still be done later, if needed). One color that isn't matched, though, is the sky. Unfortunately, they decided to share a value between both version (for what reason, I know not...). What I've done here is picked a value that gives both NTSC and PAL a blue, albeit not the same hue (obviously). So, PAL ends up with the original NTSC color and NTSC ends up with a darker blue that leans towards purple. Interestingly enough, the new NTSC color is now closer to what the arcade uses. They most likely picked this because they wanted the truer blue for Dig Dug's skin. The arcade version is even darker, though, which I don't prefer. Plus, we don't have any dilemma about contrasting to Dig Dug's blue skin, because that's not really an option with a single color P/M.


In addition to all the other changes made (which I'm not listing here), I've made a few versions with various colored rocks/stones. This was more just for fun more than anything and somewhat a side effect of doing some real color tweaking. The alternate "Brown" version uses a brown leaning towards green. This version is a realistic option to the standard/stock version color, which is a brown leaning towards red. I personally prefer the standard/stock color, but for one minor problem: the bottom dirt on the first level (and others that use the same scheme) is such in color and luminosity that the stones can hardly be distinguished from it (something that always bothered me). With this brown leaning towards green, there is enough difference that they are easily distinguishable. So, as I say, the only downside, I find, is that the brown leaning red is a more pleasing tone overall.


The gray is a pretty viable option, as it has that slate-stone look. I look at the purple like it some type of quartz or gemstone. Either way, they're some interesting variations.


Thoughts and comments are welcome.


[Note: All screenshots are NTSC.]








Alternate Brown















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Posted Sat Dec 9, 2017 11:42 PM

Good evening Mr. Fish.


Why you called yourself Fish ? Any reason why ? I do like your intro arkwork from the original Dig-Dug ...


But not in playing mode there ....


You did sent upgrade in "playing mode" level 1 , better than photo on XEGS Original Box. I thought you were working on this issue which you did sent an photo of photoshop - Level 1 ?

Could be his name is Mr. Fisher...

logical to shorten a nick to Mr. Fish

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Posted Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:37 AM

The 'Gray' background most says "Dig Dug" to me.

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Posted Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:42 PM

How about changing the whole score line to hi-res? That way it could use the original arcade font.

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Posted Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:30 PM

How about changing the whole score line to hi-res? That way it could use the original arcade font.


In fact, you could get something like this without too much trouble.


dig dug hi-res score.png

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