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TI-99 - DOCs, Manuals, eBooks, Lost & Found

Documents TI-99/4A DOC PDF TXT BAS PAS Manuals Lost&Foud

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Posted Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:50 PM

The last two of Blackbox's high quality scans today converted into PDF.


They are talking about Quarks in the Speak & Math manual :lust:

PDF-page 19 / original page 17

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Posted Sun Mar 31, 2019 6:05 AM

Appendices to TI Manuals


Clean hi res tif files for you to ocr, pdf or print.


Whether you are an original purchaser or second hand, there is a good chance you don't have all these official changes and notes on various TI Manuals, so here they are in one place- well, two places.


Check the small text file for more detailed info on the contents, but briefly zip1 contains appendices covering the changes between the 4 and the 4A. changes between XB versions 100-110, and general TIB and XB corrections.  zip2 covers the floppy drives (may help some having problems) and the change to the PEB from push button switch to rocker switch and the new back panel fuse.


Now doing some really thick cassette program manuals, Programming Aids 1 and Mailing List will be next followed by a cleaned up SPAD XIII. This may take a while.  :woozy:



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Posted Sat Apr 6, 2019 6:36 AM

More documentation in cleaned hi res tif format to ocr, pdf or print:


Attached File  40years.png   9.81KB   0 downloadsAttached File  thuimbmlpa.jpg   58.14KB   0 downloadsAttached File  thumbspad.jpg   32.64KB   0 downloads


PROGRAMMING AIDS 1- PHT6004  TI cassette for TI99/4. orange cover.  "Requires a cassette recorder". The first program supplied is to catalog a diskette... you get display at, accept at, screen print, lower case, second ascii set for highlighting etc, and character definition.  Lots of listings to look at.


Mailing List- TI- Disk- PHD5001, TI99/4 manual with blue cover, supplied in the zip with and without the statutory UK Warranty sticker.  The manual suggests other uses too.  Compatible with the Thermal Printer. All the files on the disk commenced with the name MLIST.


SPAD XIII- Not Polyoptics Diskette.  The quality of the manual was pretty poor- I have an original print- so you have a choice- CLEAN which is archivally accurate but not much else  and BEST which has many pages with retouched graphics but is therefore not archivally accurate.  Yes -  Figure 1 was printed after Figure 2.  My eyes hurt - time for a rest.


Next up- could be a few days off- the Paragon Enhanced Display Package Vn 2.1 docs.



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Posted Sun Apr 7, 2019 2:10 AM

What does "not polyoptics" mean?

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Posted Sun Apr 7, 2019 3:15 AM

What does "not polyoptics" mean?


Not Polyoptics was an early US based supplier of games for the TI99/4 and TI99/4a.


 Founders of Not Polyoptics were Michael Capobianco who later had a science fiction book published, David Harter and Gene Hitz.   


Initially successful with tape based TI Basic programs, efforts to move to Extended BASIC programs or disk based programs did not succeed due to the low user base for expanded systems at the time.


Driving along- "What shall we call our software Company...".    Hours later---- "we are not going to call it Polyoptics"  Thus was born NOT Polyoptics.   


So, from the founders, Not Polyoptics means what it says.  NOT polyoptics.  


Next question, what does Polyoptics mean? Polyoptics and Poly-Optic are registered trade marks of manufacturers of resin glass replacements....     Move along please...

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Posted Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:56 AM

Hi res clean tif files for you to ocr, print or pdf- for - 
ENHANCED DISPLAY PACKAGE vn 2.1, written by Curtis Provance, published on disk by PARAGON COMPUTING.
(NOT to be confused with Display Enhancement Package from Oak Tree Systems)
This took a long time.  I think I'll look for something smaller for my next effort!   Always pleased to have any special requests just in case I have the documentation....
(This package added 40 column support to XB including 40 col equivalents to eg CALL HCHAR, PRINT etc. Also added are vdp peek and load and a vdp register writer etc)

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Posted Yesterday, 5:54 PM

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a gift to all german 99ers friends.


an european book scanned from TI99iuc UG  ;):

PROGRAMME für den TI 99/4a und TI 99/4

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Posted Today, 3:42 AM

Three multi-language documents in clean hi res tif format for you to pdf, ocr or just print or read.


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These documents are presented for archival purposes as each has serious weaknesses.  As a group there is no indication of copyright, and no indication of where printed, although circumstantial evidence (eg inward facing guillemets »«  suggests Germany). There is no warranty information.


BLASTO PHM3032 European- gb, i, d, ne, f, s


THE ATTACK PHM 3031 European - gb, i, d, nl, f, s


Not credited in these documents but the code for the games was copyright by Milton Bradley.  They did not use the MBX system.

The games indicate that joysticks are "necessary" which is not true. I have added for convenience the keyboard keys to use in an extra added page.


TERMINAL EMULATOR II  PHM3035  European - gb, f, d, nl, f


This TE2 manual is possibly the worst manual to carry a TI Logo.  The original 44 page English manual has been reduced to just over a page. Perhaps odder still space has been given to the "Speech Editor" module, which does not work with TE2. The Speech Editor text refers to technology never marketed and abandoned before the TI99/4A was made-- the modules to fit into the speech synthesiser.


All very strange.


And while posting minimalist documentation, a little gift of the tape cassette inlay card for Mr. D, - produced by SP Software and sold through Stainless Software.  I am indebted to Derek Buchanan for this little treat.




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Posted Today, 6:02 AM

I have here the Terminal Emulator I and the Testtrainer  Manual






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