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NES hacks of mine

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Posted Thu Jul 21, 2016 11:35 AM

Finally a place to share them! They are mainly graphic changes and repairs.


These are the custom games.

-Chase HQ z and Rad Racer Z34 feature my old Lumina Z34 as the car of choice.

-ZZZ Unk Simon's Quest, I replaced Simon with Richter

-Elevator Action X just features a different player and added blood.

-Karateka Sphincter Boy, I just edited the head of the player.

-Metroid Test, A custom conversion that I haven't finished. Feedback might inspire me to finish it. I know there was a spot or 2 where one would get stuck falling through the lava type floors.



These are the hacks that had graphical issues I fixed.

Belmont's Island, Bizzario, Link Bros, Mariotroid(as a bonus, I also replaced Bowser), and The Search For Link. I never submitted these, so you can go grab the original games and compare. Hopefully I fixed all the problems in those, as it has been a while since I did these.

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