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In these "golden TImes", have you given any thought to...

TI-99/4A STORAGE FLOPPY 5.25 3.5 HxC DDCC-1 FR99

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Posted Tue Oct 11, 2016 9:20 AM

Enter the Flash ROM 99, since it's introduction, it's stirred things up with the ability to hold so many programs and load them so much faster than from a diskette.  We've been able to save a lot of disk space. With this savings in mind, have you given any consideration to how we can maximize that extra disk space, or create new environments or expand programs in ways never considered before?


For you FR99 users, how have your TI habits changed since you started using it?  

With or without the FR99, has this device inspired any new ideas or ways to exploit the TI?

What have you done, if anything with all the extra space?


Any other comments?



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Posted Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:00 PM

Good discussion point - I love my FR99.  The problem is, mostly - I don't use carts other than EB v2.7 Suite and EA.  So for me it's BAWriter80, TI-Base, and I'm having fun with RXB and Cortex Basic.  I only need the FR99 and my EB 2.7 Suite cart.  Everything else is back in the bin.  (would love to see Multiplan on FR99 (hint).  Would also like to see the FR99 reduced in size a bit so it might fit better into a standard cart footprint.  I have the 3d printed black case - and it's an ugly baby!  :)


What I need, and will ALWAYS need is storage.  I have two systems, one in Manila and the other here in the US.  In Manila, I have the Myarc controller and a WHT SCSI connected to a SQ 44MB drive.  So 2880 sector diskette images (on the lotharek) and a hard drive has me happy.  Here in the US I am suffering with a Corcomp DSDD 1440 sector diskette solution (Lotharek) and that's it.  My primary database is already pushing 1900.


Given that almost every other computer has a solution for this - I am surprised we are so behind the curve.  Yes, the CF7 is a possible option.  My experience though, and I have four of these things, is they are wonky and unreliable - and if you toast one the maker won't respond to fix requests.  (meaning - I send a note saying "I am a moron and plugged 12v into it - can I send you a pile of money and you please fix for me" never gets responded to)

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Posted Tue Oct 11, 2016 3:41 PM

Yup, when it comes to Multiplan we still require the original cartridge - OR - the UberGROM version << HERE >> which you might want to check out.  I've never bothered to try it since I already have two Multiplan cartridges and have no use for TI LOGO or TI LOGO II which are also part of the .BIN image.  Maybe with luck, "someday", in the distant future, we might get lucky and get a variant of the FR99 that supports GROM capability, however I'm not holding my breath.   


As for BA-Writer 80, I love it and use it too.  The way it's designed though, it has multiple programs/entry points, BUT it would still be cool if the main module could be converted to FR99 use just for faster initial loading (hint), even though both programs would still be required on the diskette.


I'm not sure if you know this or not, but there is an alternative to the original FlashROM cartridge case made by Atari Age user LCD with a slightly smaller profile. You might want to see the replies in my blog entry on it << HERE >> for photos.  If you PM the guy he might make one for you.  :)


I have have no clue when it will be ready, but Ksarul is working on a Myarc DDCC-1 clone that is DSDD 80 track capable of addressing four 2880 sector (720K) diskettes for a total of 2.88 megabytes of storage, which would only require two HxC's and get you partly compatible with your system in Manila.


The Atari users have a emulated "hard drive" using the Lotharek, but I *BELIEVE* that to do something like this on the TI would require either modification of the DSR on the FDC or possibly (guessing here) an UberGROM with some sort of DOS integrated into it's design, which is probably never going to happen.  I suppose it *MIGHT* also be possible to hack and insert a second FDC into the TI using a different DSR header other than the >1100 which the TI now uses.  In the end though, it would probably be easier to start from scratch and make an FPGA based SSHD to plug into the P-Box that uses an SD card.  If that ever happens, it'll probably be years away.


For quick and dirty text files, you could also try the EAII80Edit-8.bin image for the FR99  << HERE >> as it's 80 columns.  I find it VERY useful for editing my FAVS file for Stuart's Internet browser.


The Nano-PEB.... yeah, sigh.  I feel your pain!  ;)


Good luck!

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