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Atari 9VAC P/S Atari Inc/Corp

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#1 Brentarian ONLINE  



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Posted Fri Dec 16, 2016 4:01 PM

The XF551 drive shipped under the Tramiel/Atari Corp. reign and it dawned on me the other day that I've never seen an Atari 9vac power supply stamped with Atari Corporation on it. Does anyone have one that says Atari Corp? or did they use extra stock from the Warner days? Useless trivia of course, but I am curious.

#2 a8isa1 ONLINE  



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Posted Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:23 PM

Had to crack open my 800's 9VAC adapter decades ago because the fuse failed.  It is now wrapped in electrical tape but I can still see the Atari logo and the name "Atari". I cant tell if "Corporation" appears anywhere.


Sorry, I'm not going to look further because I'm out of both electrical tape and duct tape   :P

#3 Kyle22 OFFLINE  


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Posted Sat Dec 17, 2016 7:54 PM

No, he means the XF-551 power transformer. We know what the older ones look like.

#4 hunmanik OFFLINE  



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Posted Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:42 PM

It is my understanding that Atari Corp. continued to produce the C017945, even though they all have "A Warner Communications Company" on the top piece.


This, based on what I understand to be manufacturing date codes on the bottom of the units.


So, perhaps they did inherit a giant supply of the top piece that they decided to use rather than discard. 


Interesting trivia to me!

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