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Space Cactus Canyon - beta

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Posted Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:03 AM

Thanks for the reports, everyone.  I've been out of town for the past week or so, so I wasn't able to get to this promptly.  Right now, I've replaced 2.3 with 2.2 on the first post, so it should work on Harmony (albeit with the bug that you can collide with a shooter to move on to the next level).  My guess is that the crashes are due to a bankswitching issue, so I'll do some archaeology and test thoroughly on Harmony before the next release.  I'll post again when I think everything is set.  Thanks!

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Posted Wed May 24, 2017 11:07 AM

Hello, everyone!  After a lengthy delay, I'm happy to release the third and possibly final beta version of the game.  The file is attached to the first post.


In this version, I've tried to hunt down every bug that I could catch.  (Some took a painfully long time to solve.)  I've also tested thoroughly on two different systems with two different TVs via the Harmony cart.


Some major fixes:

  • Fixed the bankswitching issue that caused the game to crash on Harmony.
  • Ensured there's always sufficient width in the rows for the cactus to have a path to the water.
  • Cured (hopefully) some weird sound glitches
  • Fixed an issue where, when two shooters were in the same vertical column and one horizontal row away from each other (i.e., one was directly on top of the other), if you shot the top shooter, the bottom one would disappear instead.

There are two known remaining issues, and unfortunately aren't solvable given the space limitations of the code:

  • Sometimes in the bonus round, there isn't a path between you and the replenishing needles.
  • In rare instances (I haven't had this happen yet in my testing), there will be a narrow vertical chute that you'll have to cross, directly into the path of a shooter without sufficient space to get off a shot (i.e., it's a guaranteed death).

I'm also proud to report that I finally beat the game on the Expert difficulty!


Thanks to everyone who has commented here; the game is so much better than the first playable beta.  Please check out this near-final version, and let me know of any bugs or weirdness.  It was actually good to get away from the project for a bit because upon returning to it, I could evaluate it with fresh eyes.  I'm looking forward to getting a final version done soon!



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Posted Wed May 24, 2017 12:24 PM

Very exciting.  Can't wait to get this on a cart!


I've not run into that first unfixable bug, but I hope it's rare as that would be a game ender (particularly on EXPERT).


I'll give it a run soon and see if I run into anything worthy of report.

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