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Three drives report "BOOT ERROR" on over 100 floppies that worked last year

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Posted Wed May 10, 2017 4:17 PM

Slow. I have about 75% of the floppies that don't have known protection scanned (it's a damn tedious process). Then there are the floppies that *might* have protection but don't report them. THEN there are the floppies that might be bad altogether.


The SIO2PC works like a charm, except one time when it wouldn't recognize the 1050 - I had to reboot twice (unplugging/replugging didn't work).


So now I'm trying to go through the floppy images and see what boots in Altirra and what doesn't. Some crash it, some don't. There's one boot menu that comes up but doesn't react to keypresses. With those I have to boot into DOS on D1, put the image of the bad drive in D2 and see if I can boot the apps manually.


AND THEN I have to go through what works and see if it's already up on atarimania.


*AND THEN*, whatever doesn't work in Altirra I have to test with an 800 or an 800XL.


My goal in this is to have a full archive of whatever's not redundant.


The Archive/Editor drive still won't boot, but I haven't take it apart yet to determine if it's just the belt.

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Posted Wed May 10, 2017 5:43 PM

Not to drive you further crazy... the emulator has it's own basic/os thing going on but you can use real rom images as well... a number of time I have found using the built in fails but adding your own works... and as you may also remember some software is osb 800 only (you can run using fixxl or other translator) or XL XE... only a couple titles need early rev. basic almost all run on Basic revision C....  lastly some real disks only run on the 810 or they run on a 1050 but not both.. the issue only come up these days when using original / old disks as most are now patched or fixed in some way or everyone knows what to do and is rarely discussed anymore. :)

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Posted Wed May 10, 2017 5:47 PM

I know, it's a mess.


For example, one of the disks I backed up with no errors in ProSystem shows as "this disk directory structure has errors" in Altirra.


The good news is that I discovered the "Explore Disk..." option in Altirra - I was copying the files to a virtual H: drive. Waste of time. Dragging the files directly is making my life so much easier.


The solution I'd like is some kind of SIO2SD directory where I can put everything in subdirs (games, utils, etc.) and run things that way.

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Posted Wed May 10, 2017 6:24 PM



A JAVA tool for exactly what you asked for..

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