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NES Famicom FM Towns Marty Jap SMS + Paddle

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Posted Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:16 AM

As mentioned here:
I am having trouble finding interested parties on CL for some items I'd like to sell.

(more in the future if these sell reasonably well)

I was supposed to be traveling during this timeframe but shit happens so here I am, if they don't sell here off to eBay they go.
I can only ship on weekends, shipping it's gonna be on the expensive side as some of the items are heavy.


This is for US only.

[FYI: the items are also on sale on CraigsList]
For sale:
FM Towns Marty in good working conditions with new drive belt. 417US$ + shipping.


The machine is 22 years old so it's got a little yellowing, nothing major.

Floppy drive works, CD reader works, everything ready for your enjoyment. 

It comes with one joypad, the mouse and a bunch of "backups" (I will trash them if you don't want them, your call). No box or manuals.


EDIT: Bonus - if interested I can throw in also a USB floppy Mode 3 compatible so you can make your own boot floppies when required (needs win7 to format as win8/10 dropped the support for Mode 3), I haven't used it in a while but I did make a couple of boots with it that worked flawlessly, I will check it out before finalizing.
TownsMarty-1-small.jpg TownsMarty-2-small.jpg TownsMarty-3-small.jpg TownsMarty-4-small.jpg TownsMarty-5-small.jpg TownsMarty-6-small.jpg TownsMarty-7-small.jpg TownsMarty-8-small.jpg  

Japanese Sega Master System (which includes the FM sound system). 310US$ + shipping
Work perfectly fine on NTSC US TV.

The system has been recapped and modded for SVideo out as well as the back expansion port comes plugged with Gender Adapter (and internal mod to match US chip select). Thanks to the adapter and the mod this Japanese SMS can play all MarkIII/JapSMS carts AND all US carts (a couple of US games lock due to the FM subsystem). You can hear FM sound in US games that support it (there's a couple dozen of them, Fantasy Zone II being one of them).

Comes with:

AC adapter
Gender Adapter for expansion port (you plug US games here, at the back of the unit, check picture)
1 SMS controller
Sega Paddle rotary controller in box (for games like Jap Megumi rescue etc...., but also supported in Outrun), pretty rare.
3D compatible shutter glasses (CRT needed to see the effect), the Jap SMS comes with the 3D adapter already built in.
2 MarkIII games (Fantasy Zone 1 and 2)

FYI: the MasterED flash cart works perfectly plugged on the gender adapter, NOT INCLUDED, just FYI


SMS-small.jpg SMS paddle-small.jpg SMS Mark3 games-small.jpg SMS back-small.jpg




Sharp Twin Famicom AN500B with disk, all in working conditions. 383US$ + shipping

The NESRGB kit has been installed on the unit albeit only SVideo has been connected out.
Power led mod.
New drive belt.

Comes with:
EDN8 (it's the black cart in the pictures, I will let the SD card in if you so choose)
AC power adapter 
2 Famicom disk based games (3D Hot Rally [shown in pic as a drive test as well] and Patlabor)
2 Famicom cart based games (Akumajo Densetsu and Galaga [shown working])
Famicom Arkanoid cart + rotary controller + box [the box is in so so state]
3D interface unit + compatible 3D shutter glasses (need CRT TV to use them and yes 3D Hot Rally supports them)
NES to FC adapter (naked, modded to support NES Castelvania 3) 
NES Castelvania 3 (it's finicky to get it working with the above adapter but it fully works)
Homebrew NES to Famicom 2 ports adapter (to connect NES/Zapper/4play to Famicom) [not in picture]
NES zapper alike (need a CRT and the homebrew adapter above port 2 )
NES 4play (support 4 players use via homebrew adapter above)
3 extra NES controllers (NES MAX, NES dogbone lookalike, NES Famicom lookalike) ... I have them laying around, nothing special to them really.


Twin Fami-small.jpg Twin Fami & Zapper-small.jpg Twinf Fami & 3D glasses-small.jpg Twin Fami & NES adapter & Castlevania3-small.jpg Twin Fami & Arkanoid & other controllers-small.jpg Twin Fami & Cart Games & EDN8-small.jpg Twin Fami & disk games-small.jpg Twin Fami & 3D Hot Rally play-small.jpg Twin Fami & Galaga cart play-small.jpg

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