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Sega to Intellivision controller adapter

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#126 tripletopper OFFLINE  



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Posted Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:00 PM

I don't want to sound like nitpicking, but isn't there supposed to be 3 independent buttons on an Intellivision, where you can press any 1, any 2 or all 3 at the same time?


Doesn't the Genesis stick have a native 3 button arrangement, where the 3 buttons can be mapped to A, B, and C?


( I think I understand the Intellivision joystick language enough where I think it understands either one keypress, one specific pause two-key combination, or any combinaiton of 16 diretions and 3 independent action butttons, and pressing a key and one other control has weird side effects?)  Can you press all 3 action buttons and the joystick at the same time, and have registered o the INTV control language? (or one keypad button, or the pause combo?)


So in theory,  there are 3 buttons, Top (TL+TR mirror each other) ,BL, and BR. Are there games where BR could be confused with BL+T?   Also what about games that use T+BR, or BL+BR, or T+BL+BR?  Also would there be games where if they are not pressed at EXACLTY the same time, it can cost virtual lives?


I understand the desire to make it SMS compatible, but I believe every game that uses 2 buttons uses the top and mirrored bottoms. I don't know whether simultaneous independent BL+T is more common than 3 button games, but the only way THAT mode would work is if you KNOW only one button will be pressed at once.


But making it compatible with the 2600 is clever and makes one button games work, and I believe on all of them, all 4 buttons are mirrored.


I would be glad to buy one, once you get 3 actual independent buttons instead of defaulting to SMS mode, or you can convince me that the INTV joystick language only allows one button pressed at a time.  I know i don't understand it fully.   Maybe there is a limit of one button at a time that I'm not aware of.

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Posted Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:39 AM

I wouldn't worry about games that support side button combos. It's hard enough pressing one intellivision side button let alone two at the same time.

Cartridges that have independent left/right side buttons include pinball, tutankham, nova blast. There are a few others but you wouldn't play them with this adapter. The intellivision controller works best when left/right side buttons are the same. It's why cartridges like defender and space hawk have their third function on the keypad.

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Posted Tue Nov 27, 2018 12:27 PM

I guess you get what you pay for and pay for what you get.


This Sega -> INTV adapter is good for quite a few games.   Also you don't have to provide an INTV controller for the keypad.   But any game that requires simultaneous button pressing will not work.  (How many are there?  I don't know)  Also how many game will misfiring a BR as either a T or BL would cause problems?  (Again, I don't know how many.)


This one costs $5 (device + S/H) plus a $11 power cord (Plus device + S/H) which you must get separately x2 = 32.   The other one is $10 each assemble it yourself, or $20 pre-assembled.  ( I think you may have to provide one USB micro to power cord or USB micro-> USB + USB -> Power) so $20 x 2  + $5.00 for one dual USB to power adapter + 2 X$1 micro usb to usb cable=$47   Plus I'm going to need extra 2 INTV 2-> INTV FB cables.


$32 vs $57, and the $57 lets me use original overlays and has 3 independent buttons.   Is it worth it?  I guess you decide.  As for me, I'll pay the extra $25 and be sure I can play EVERY GAME, and not having to unplug it every time I need the 16 way controller.   Can't be too sure I won't encounter games with simultaneous pushes, and  I have found quite a few "white label" INTV games, including a couple rare ones, for $1 a piece many years ago at the second degree Goodwill outlet , the stuff that doesn't sell at the main Goodwill stores. So i'm more likely to have a multi-press game, as they are newer games.

#129 Rick Reynolds OFFLINE  

Rick Reynolds


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Posted Tue Nov 27, 2018 12:41 PM

I think I’m missing some context here. What devices are you referring to that add up to $32 vs $57?

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Posted Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:23 PM

This adapter is $32 dollars $5 for each of 2 adapters, and $11 for each of 2 specific power cord adapters.


The OTHER GENESIS TO INTV ADAPTER (also has a Jaguar to INTV version) is available at http://atariage.com/...-intellivision/  has $20 each completely built, but you need to add 2 Micro USB cables, one USB Power adapter, and (if you have Flashback controllers) you need 2 for $10 adapters from Nurmix. costs $57.


For the extra $25/2 players ($15/2 players if you don't need INTV 2-> INTV FB adapters) you get simul-presses, 3 independent buttons, a pause button where the start = 1+9 simultaneously, and being able to use a real INTV controller without replugging everything, and using the original overlays.

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Posted Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:31 PM

I can't think of any intellivision games where I'd want to press two side buttons at the same time unless you find it necessary to fire a missile and a smart bomb at the same time in defender. Actually, it might help in sea battle. I haven't played sea battle for a long time.

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Posted Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:15 PM

If you can show me where there is NO case where you either need to press 2 different of 3 or all 3 at the same time, AND in no game would pressing T or BL instead off BR mess up your game if your fingers aren't synched up perfectly, then you made a case for THIS controller adapter.


However, all one would have to do is find ONE example of either one of those 2 cases, then I contest that it's not electronically original.


If there's only one game or a few games that uses it, you have to decide if that's a compromise you can live with.


Like the one 8 player Sega Genesis Soccer Football game only available in Europe and Brazil that uses more than 4 6 button-controllers, then you can reasonably assume that 4 6-button is the most you'll EVER need,  unless a) you have more than 3 friends, b) who want to play 5-8 player soccer football (Bomberman I am a living example of 10 player couch co-op.  I'm Mr Party Man, but Soccer Football, not sure.) c) have either a Foreign Genesis or foreign adapter, (even though I heard a Genesis Game Genie can play foreign games, just type in no codes) and d) the 6 button controls let all 8 players do something lesser controllers can't (if x, y, z, and mode call plays, only each team captain needs that to control bots, if they're acitons in games, then all 8 player would need one for a full experience.)


I have Double Dribble, which is 8 players, but it's only a 3-button game.


Likewise for Repro JagPro controllers I bought, the only game that one could argue for more than 2 JagPros is NBA Jam Tourunament Edition, and that game can be played on MANY other systems. I highly doubt that my friends have a specific Jaguar NBA Jam itch to scratch.  So as soon as I get it, I'll sell my excess.


Likewise, unless there is a foreign game for the Sega Saturn which uses more than 2 3D controllers, 2 is the most I'll ever need.  I'll sell my excess on Ebay also.  If there is one, is it too dependent on language to be enjoyable by foreigners, like us (meaning me and my offline friends, not implying the whole AtariAge readership/authorship.) Americans are to Japan?  If so, unless you can pick up hearing or reading native Japanese well, it might as well not exist. Although musical cues like the different mode themes in Chu Chu rocket would make it easier for foreigners, even if we bought a foreign version.


So I'm not a total gaming  jingoist, unlike the average Japanese game buyer, where Sega was perceived as an American company in Japan and always failed in Japan.  Same with Xbox.   Name one successful American system in Japan.  The closest thing was when Sega of Japan exerted muscle on the Saturn, and then their legacy went down the toilet, even though they had 2 great generations in Europe and Brazil and overcame a big deficit in America despite playing against a cutthroat monopolistic Nintendo of America. The Saturn's US failure even cancelled out Sega of America's Dreamcast success.  Sega started as an "east meets west" company if you know Sega history.  American money hiring Japanese labor to build games for American servicemen stationed in Japan.

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Posted Sat Dec 1, 2018 6:52 AM

1 Almond adapter left for sale.

#134 K-Rod 13 OFFLINE  

K-Rod 13

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Posted Sat Dec 8, 2018 1:41 AM

I'll take the Almond adapter.      PM sent.

#135 grips03 OFFLINE  


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Posted Sat Dec 8, 2018 3:27 PM

Sold out.

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Posted Thu Feb 7, 2019 9:30 PM

Keep me posted if you make another run, please. 

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