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HSC14 Round 7 Poll - Games not played in the HSC before!

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Poll: Games not played in HSC before (9 member(s) have cast votes)

Links/Info on post below

  1. Warlok (3 votes [33.33%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 33.33%

  2. Jim Slide (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%

  3. Fantastic Soccer (2 votes [22.22%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 22.22%

  4. Spare Change (4 votes [44.44%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 44.44%

  5. Bomb Fusion (0 votes [0.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 0.00%


#1 therealbountybob OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Apr 9, 2017 2:40 AM

A truly different choice for round 7, all games not played here before ;-)

Atarimania has all the info, probably!



I spotted this one a while back and it had problems loading other stages so I contacted Fandal who fixed the game and NTSC issues, yes another Atari medal for him  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:

Fandal ATR



Jim Slide

Multi level abbuc game similar to Fandal's own Diamondz. You slide until you hit something solid. Reach the exit or better still collect all the goodies first for more points and earn crowns!

Fandal XEX

Plus there is the new Jim Slide XL here on atariage



Fantastic Soccer

We all know EMI Soccer is the best  :-D  but let's see how this one plays!

Fandal XEX



Spare Change

Spotted this one had crept into Atarimania's top 100 and figured someone must think it's good; so let's find out!

Fandal ATR



Bomb Fusion

Budget Bomb collecting fun, but no sounds if I remember correctly. Probably have another similar game to keep it company.

Fandal XEX


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#2 carlsson ONLINE  


    Metagalactic Mule

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Posted Sun Apr 9, 2017 4:22 AM

Wow, I think you have used the random number generator this time! After checking some gameplay videos, I think I'm sure which one I would prefer.

#3 Deteacher OFFLINE  


    River Patroller

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Posted Sun Apr 9, 2017 3:58 PM

I picked Fantastic Soccer.  A good ol' sporting game would be a nice change of pace, IMO.  :)

#4 McKong OFFLINE  



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Posted Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:59 AM

Hard to know what to choose here, they all look equally as good as each other!

#5 carlsson ONLINE  


    Metagalactic Mule

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Posted Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:23 PM

For once in a while I went ahead and not just looked at screenshots and YouTube videos, but also test played some of the games before voting is finished.


Two minutes of Bomb Fusion and I still don't understand how to control the player, just flying around. Perhaps I've got a bad version on my SD card. At least there is a piece of music playing in the background, though no sound effects.


Fantastic Soccer is an oxymoron if I ever heard one. It ranks farily high 6.7/10 on Atarimania, which should say something about how lacklustre the competition is for soccer games. The same game was also released on the C64 with more colours, and the people at Lemon64 rate it 2.5 of 10. While I've never played the C64 version, I can't imagine how much worse it must be than the Atari version if I find this one bad and the C64 version would be thrice as bad. Rather Thorn EMI soccer I think if we're having a round of football in the HSC.


Warlok I didn't manage to run, but perhaps the patched version that I haven't downloaded, will play better. I checked a YT of the C64 version though, and it reminds me of Fort Apocalypse. It might not be a bad thing, but we finished Super Cobra less than two months ago.


Jim Slide might be interesting, but I'm afraid I'll get spastic trying to figure out in which order to slide against the walls to clear the levels. Nice background story though.


Spare Change on a test play was more fun than I thought it would be. It will take some time to figure out the fine details. One note right away: be prepared to have your cameras stand by, as the game only displays your final score for a short while before it gets back to the title screen and won't show it again.

#6 Deteacher OFFLINE  


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Posted Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:47 PM

I have to agree with Carlsson...I tried Fantastic Soccer (after I voted for it) and was thoroughly unimpressed...but I did have a go at Spare Change and it's quite fun (and challenging.)  If I could rescind my vote, I'd definitely change it to Spare Change.

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